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CAN CHINA GO TO WAR? (2023 04 14)

Political strategic level

If Ukraine loses the war, China may attack Taiwan, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said. He argues that there are many links between the war and the situation in Taiwan and that this "could be an incentive to invade". "God forbid, if Ukraine falls, if Ukraine is conquered, the next day China may attack Taiwan", Morawiecki said.

No doubt about it. If Beijing sees that the West's support and intimidation have not affected Russia in any significant way and that Moscow has won the war, then it will be a green light for the Chinese dragon to do the same to Taiwan, knowing that here too the West will be threatening helplessly with the democratic finger.

We said loudly in the early days of the war that the West, NATO, must intervene immediately in the Ukrainian war and tame Russia by force. All the nuclear rumblings that scared the cowering leaders of the alliances at the time came to nothing. If Russia had been stopped by war, Beijing would today be fearing the fate of the Kremlin's rattlesnakes when it thinks of attacking Taiwan. Meanwhile, China is now openly declaring that it is preparing for war.

How do we stop both China and Russia at the same time, that is the question. The worst thing is that the leaders of the EU countries do not support US policy towards China. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who visited China, said that she supports Macron's position on China and that Europe must pursue its own policy towards China and Taiwan and not just follow the US example. The EU's strength, she said, lies in the fact that "we are not only close to each other, but we also share a common strategic approach to key issues of our interests and values".

Germany is on the verge of a Chinese Nord Stream, believing that relations with China are exclusively trade-economic.

Baerbock also warned against the conflict in the Taiwan Strait and its impact on Germany and the EU. "A military escalation in the Taiwan Strait <...> would be a worst-case scenario on a global scale and would particularly affect us as one of the largest industrialised countries. Fifty percent of world trade passes through the Taiwan Strait, 70% of semiconductor products travel through the Taiwan Strait, so free movement is also in our economic interests," Baerbock said.

We are aware of the complexity and danger of the situation. If the US gets involved in the Taiwan conflict, it weakens the United States' influence and capabilities in the Ukraine war. There is no doubt that the Kremlin's criminal cabal would behave much more brazenly and Europe would find it very difficult to withstand both military and economic pressure. Unfortunately, the leaders of the most powerful EU countries do not seem to realise that, without the help of the world's policeman - that is, the United States - Europe is powerless against Russia. It is a shame when 500 million ask 300 million to defend against 140 million, but leave their defenders alone against 1.4 billion.

Macron's delusions about some kind of separate, independent European army also sound ridiculous. This is the idea that should appeal most to Putin.

Dear readers, who are concerned about our country and our own security. We understand your anxiety and your fear that dark days may be ahead for our country. Please be calm. We will certainly remain safe in the coming years, neither China nor Russia has any chance to check the might of the West. And some ten tanks called crockpots, which are jinking on our border, are certainly no threat to Lithuania.

Ukraine's membership of the NATO military alliance is the only way to ensure the country's security in the future, Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said. "We need a system of guarantees that would make Russian aggression impossible," the Minister told the Black Sea Security Conference in Bucharest. "There is no alternative to Ukraine joining NATO."

That is true. But full control of all borders is necessary to join NATO.

The EU Council approved €1 billion to support Ukraine's armed forces. This measure will allow the EU to reimburse Member States for ammunition provided to Ukraine from existing stockpiles or through the reallocation of existing orders for the period from 9 February to 31 May 2023.

Japan is showing principled leadership in support of Ukraine through its leadership of the G7 and intends to provide USD 3.5 billion this year. Since the start of the war, Japan has provided USD 581 million to Ukraine.

Tbilisi is turning into a puppet of Moscow. Sakartvel wants the EU and Ukraine to extradite former members of Mikheil Saakashvili's government who have found refuge abroad. This was stated by the head of the Sakartvellian Parliament, Shalva Papuashvili, referring to former Defence Minister David Kezarashvili and former Justice Minister Zurab Adeishvili.

In this case, let us distinguish between the pro-Russian forces in Sakartvel, and the Kartvelians themselves. It is difficult for a nation that has been abandoned to Russian influence to withstand pressure from both external and internal forces. Observing what is happening in Sakartveli, we believe that the Kremlin wants to govern the country on the Lukashenko-Kadyrov model.

The Kremlin has announced that Russia will investigate a video of a Russian soldier beheading a live Ukrainian prisoner of war. "In order to assess the credibility of this material and make an appropriate decision, it has been sent to the investigative authorities to organise an investigation," the Russian Prosecutor General's Office said in a statement.

Utter useless rubbish. The Kremlin employs tens of thousands of criminals precisely to commit this type of crime. The Kremlin-funded Wagner fighters openly say that they are killing and will kill Ukrainians and their children just so that no more Ukrainians will be born.

Russian fascism in the face of the mascot.

The latest leaks show that the US has also been spying on the UN chief, Antonio Guterres, for his actions towards Russia. The fact of the spying itself did not surprise the UN, but the leaks and the brazen distortion of the content of the conversations did.

Yesterday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old member of the US Air National Guard, on suspicion of leaking US military intelligence documents.

The creation and dissemination of media bubbles, myths and fairy tales relating to this person will begin.

The Russian FSB has accused Yuri Denisov, a Ukrainian citizen, of involvement in the murder of Vladlen Tatarskiy and blamed the Ukrainian special services and the Russian opposition.

Just as we predicted. The explosion is needed to turn Ukraine into a terrorist state in the eyes of the world. Only this time, the work of the FSB's fairy-tale department will be in vain, as the masses eat up the spy scandal.

Poland's relations with Hungary have "changed considerably" as a result of Budapest's stance on Ukraine, said Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki. "Instead of Hungary, we are working very closely with Romania and the Baltic countries, which is why I said that the Eastern European countries, excluding Hungary, have the same opinion on what is happening in Ukraine", Morawiecki added.

Only a modern transformation of the GDL and the ATR can be the guarantee of the new times and a new force to hold back the Muscovite hordes.

Operational level

Russia is trying to equip its army with men for a long-term war, according to the Ukrainian Defence Staff. Russia is reportedly continuing its clandestine mobilisation and devising new ways to recruit citizens into the army. The Kremlin is ready to fight a long, debilitating war. Russia has reportedly announced the conscription of more than 400 000 men to increase the number of contract soldiers. A further 147 000 regular recruits are also planned.

The Kremlin continues to recruit Russian citizens through blackmail and intimidation. For example, bailiffs have been ordered to provide data on debtors and courts have been told to speed up the processing of cases so that offenders can become "soldiers" as soon as possible. It is also proposed that Tajiks, Uzbeks and other nationalities facing expulsion from Russia should be conscripted into the army, especially those who have family in Russia.

Germany has approved Poland's application to export MiG-29 fighter jets from its stocks to Ukraine. This time, the German Government reacted with lightning speed as soon as it received the official Polish application. Bundestag deputy Markus Faber pointed out that "the federal government did not postpone the decision, but took it on the same day that the export application was submitted. The Ukrainian side will certainly be very satisfied with this speed".

While Moscow claims that its forces have "blockaded" Ukrainian troops in Bakhmut, Wagner's chief bachur, Yuri Prigozhin, contradicts this and says that it is "premature" to say that Russia has encircled Bakhmut.

Simply unbelievable! The second most powerful army in the world has not been able to occupy an uninhabited town for nine months.

Tactical level

The Drisks are mobilising live meat to try to compensate for their apparently depleted stocks of artillery shells and rockets. The terrorists have launched 19 air strikes and 39 salvo rocket attacks.

The issuance of Russian passports in the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk region is being accelerated. The offices of the Migration Service of the Russian Federation are open seven days a week.

The Drisksis are trying to turn as many Ukrainian citizens as possible into collaborators by any means possible, thus tying their hands and then gaining the power to blackmail them, as is currently happening with former KGB collaborators and communists in Lithuania.

Ukrainian artillery units have shelled three mascoli command posts.


We are all tired of war. Of reading, of images, of fear, of wondering what would happen if...

Tired of politicians, tired of voters. Many people have gone to the rivers and lakes and are already thinking about how they are going to throw a "shashla" for a picnic tomorrow and lick the beer foam off their lips.

Some politicians, by the way, have completely relaxed, forgotten that there is a war on the other side of the door, and are thinking about how to collect more excise duty here, as if the war were already over, the economy had already tripled its expectations, and the price of fuel was a joke. Of course, the price of fuel is never stable in wartime, and to think that it will remain stable for ten years ahead is to shoot oneself and others in the foot, and blindfolded too.

Be that as it may, we must enjoy the sky that is above our heads today. For if Adolfas Ramanauskas Vanagas or Baliukevičius Dzūkas were to see us today, lost, frightened, afraid of everything and dissatisfied with so much, men would probably be astonished. They would not believe that the people of the country for whose freedom they laid their heads live so well.

For years the brothers of the forest have been lounging in bunkers, without light, without public conveniences, without warmth, sick, with rotten, fallen teeth, hunted like wild beasts, but never tired, never losing hope, fighting in every possible way for the freedom of Lithuania.

Let us not grow weary either.

Photo: A Ukrainian soldier mastering a Western machine gun.

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