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Geopolitical situation

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Terrorism has issued six conditions for a cessation of hostilities, which are essentially a six-point ultimatum:

1. Ukraine must abandon resistance.
2. Ukraine to refuse Western arms supplies.
3. Ukraine must refuse to join NATO and the European Union.
4. Ukraine must accept the "new territorial reality" (recognition of the territories occupied by Russia).
5. Ukraine must give Russian the status of state language.
6. Ukraine must "respect freedom of religion".

This means that Kyiv must surrender and Ukraine must voluntarily join Russia and become part of the Empire. It is strange that the imperial mythomaniacs have not demanded the dissolution of NATO and the withdrawal of the US military contingent from Europe.

It seems that we are about to see what we have been waiting for for months - the beginning of a counter-offensive by the Ukrainian armed forces. It is time to take back what belongs to us, said yesterday the Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Valery Zaluzhny, in the latest video with a prayer for the liberation of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian President stated that the first steps of the counter-offensive are already underway and "the intensity is increasing". Some processes are already underway, but the preparations for the counter-offensive will take a long time.

"This is a complex process, not a matter of one day, one date or one hour. It is a continuous process of de-occupation. Some processes are already underway, such as the destruction of supply lines or the bombing of warehouses behind the lines. The intensity is increasing, but it will take quite a long time", says Mikhail Podoliak, Advisor to the Head of the Ukrainian Presidential Chancellery.

Ukrainian leaders are trying to explain that the counter-offensive is not about Eurovision or basketball. It will not be a battle like the ones we see in art films, where the enemy is suddenly attacked by many tanks, many planes, and after an hour of drama the liberators are cheered by the liberated. The liberation of occupied territories can take months or even years. Speculative headlines such as 'the whole world is frozen in anticipation of the Ukrainian counter-attack' will not speed up the victory, but will only increase the readership of some texts.

Significant developments

The Kremlin has officially declared that it is deploying nuclear weapons outside its borders for the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, while Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko says the weapons are on their way to new deployment sites.

Yesterday, Joe Biden said that he had a 'very negative' reaction to this decision by Russia. Putin's action puts the world at risk of the greatest nuclear danger since the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. Moscow, meanwhile, denies this, saying that its position has been misinterpreted. Russia's war against Ukraine is a fight for Russia's survival against an aggressive West.

The Wagner group is reported to have withdrawn from Bakhmut and is regrouping in other positions. According to the Ministry of Defence, the Ukrainian army is in a dominant position on the high ground north and south of Bakhmut and on the south-western edge of Bakhmut.

So-called DNR military formations are being introduced into the town. It is believed that the Russians are thus preparing for defensive action.


On the night of 28 May, more than 40 unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down in the skies over Kyiv. This was tentatively the most massive drone attack on the capital since the start of the large-scale invasion.

Kyrylo Budanov, Head of the State Security Service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, stated that Ukrainian forces already have the minimum weapons necessary for a counter-attack. Meanwhile, the media report that the weather is finally becoming favourable for military operations.

The Ukrainian media claim that the country's intelligence services have received invaluable information about the situation in the Kremlin. Putin's government apparatus is exhausted, depleted and susceptible to internal blows.

An operation by the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Russian Legion of Freedom in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation provided information of interest to Ukrainian intelligence. Andriy Yusov, spokesman for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, declared after the operation that "the king is naked".

We have no doubt that this means that the periphery of a terrorist country is vulnerable and unprotected. A symmetrical invasion of the interior of Russia would mean the Kremlin's apocalypse.

After the defeat in Ukraine, Russia will become vindictive and dangerous, said Mike Wigston, Commander of the UK Royal Air Force. "When the Ukraine conflict is over and Ukraine restores its borders, we will have a damaged, vindictive and brutal Russia whose means of undermining us are air strikes, missile attacks and submarine attacks," the military official told The Telegraph. The publication notes that this statement by the British Air Chief is the first public expression of concern by Western officials about Russia's actions since the war.

What we have been saying for generations, but have not been understood and have been called traitors to Ukraine who do not believe in victory, has finally been said. How is Ukraine's victory currently understood? Unfortunately, differently. Some believe that victory will be a successful attack on the Crimean peninsula, others believe that it will be the expulsion of the Drisks from Ukrainian territory. We argue that this will not be a victory, because the retaking of territories will not protect Ukraine from further massive missile attacks, the destruction of cities and the killing of people. Victory means the Hague Tribunal and the gallows, above all, for the FSB, SVR and GRU squad planning the slaughter and terror of the world. Ukraine will not defeat Russia. Only NATO and the collective West can do that, having dealt a crushing blow to the Kremlin's hydra. That is the inescapable reality. The only way to crush Russia is to have leaders with balls in the West.

According to Wigston, the threat posed by Russia could persist for years and grow even stronger once Putin is removed from power. Wigston is convinced that the Kremlin system "is more than one person". "Behind Putin is a whole structure and hierarchy. So even if Putin disappeared from the scene, he could be replaced by a whole host of other people who could be just as brutal and vicious towards their own people and their neighbours," says the British Air Force chief.

So we are not alone in dispelling the naïve illusion that the hour of light and peace will dawn when Putin is overthrown or defeated. Not one, but thousands of Putins are our enemy.


In our country, nobody thinks about some despicable nuclear devices being transported to our borders. We do not care about those bombs. Lithuania is a brave country. Why should we care about our defence if we are protected by a NATO shield? Let those who care make the statements. We do not have time to worry about the redeployment of some missiles, because we are preoccupied with the scandal of petrol vouchers and two TV sets and the absorption of millions from the NATO conference.

The influencers continue to shake the foundations of the Parliament and the Government, which even political opponents are trying to support in every way and are officially encouraging not to resign. This has never happened before! Apparently, not everyone is levitating in a bubble. We, on the other hand, will not judge, comment, judge, condemn or make waves. We believe that we live in a civilised country, with services staffed by professionals who know their job, not by people who read influencers' comments.

Although, quite frankly, it is high time for a change of political order in our country. The government should be approved by the President, not by the Seimas, but by the influencers.

Photo: view of Bakhmut (Iryna Rybakova, AP).

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