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Geopolitical situation

The Speaker of the State Duma of terrorist Russia, Vyacheslav Volodin, has accused the leaders of Ukraine, France, the US and Germany of starting a war against his country. "As for Macron, Biden, Zelensky, Scholz, these are people from the past, they will not be in the beautiful world of the future, because they have done everything to plunge the world into war and turn Ukraine into a testing ground."

According to the furious Duma Speaker, 'Macron, Biden, Zelensky and Scholz have started a war' against Russia, which is why these politicians will appear before the International Criminal Court.

Volodin accused Macron of election fraud and rigging against Marine Le Pen, Biden of being a sick man, and Scholz of ruining the German economy and destroying the historically established economic ties with Russia.

Volodin is absolutely right. He just forgot to mention the main point: this whole international conspiracy against Russia has been orchestrated by the patriarch Landsberg behind the curtain.

Another peace plan has been devised by Cyril Ramaphosa, the President of South Africa. He says that African countries have come up with a new initiative to end Russia's war with Ukraine and he plans to visit Kiev and Moscow as soon as possible. He said that the peace talks would be mediated by the SADC, Egypt, the Republic of Congo, Uganda, Senegal and Zambia.

We are making it easy for the honourable President of the distant country of Aprica to make peace for free: war criminal Russia would agree to a cessation of hostilities in two ways: either by bringing Ukraine and the Baltic States back to Moscow on a plate, or by dipping the bloody snouts of the Kremlin into their own excrement.

Meanwhile, Volodymyr Zelensky claims that the Russian authorities are trying to freeze the conflict in Ukraine. If Russia is given a "break", he argues, it will go back on the offensive after a while.

Andriy Yermak, Head of the Ukrainian Presidential Chancellery, condemns the decision by Sakartvelo to resume direct flights to Russia as of 20 May. On Twitter, Yermak writes: "Georgia has allowed another airline to operate direct flights to Russia. "Georgian Airways, formerly Azimuth. The Georgian people have consistently shown solidarity with Ukraine. We have a common enemy that has been killing Georgians since the 1990s, then in 2008, and since 2014 has been killing Ukrainians. However, some people seem to be trying to ignore the rocket attacks on Kyiv, the destruction of Maryinka, the deaths in Buche, Irpen, Izum, the abduction of children... Some seem to have forgotten the tragedy in Gori."

Tbilisi seems to have forgotten not only the Five Day War of 2008, but also the "night of spades" of 1989, when Russian paratroopers used spades to chop up 16 Kartvelians, and other bloody injustices. But the whole nation is not to blame. When small, economically weak countries are not watched over and patronized by Western democracies, the Kremlin seems to be sticking its dirty fingernails into them.

And when US intelligence says that a country like Albania is not threatened by Russian aggression, we believe that a hybrid threat, probably invisible to the West, inconceivable to the West, is hanging over it like the sword of Damocles. For us, thrice divided, repeatedly occupied and having fought the longest wars with Mascoliya, the ability to feel the threat to statehood is written in our blood. The Kremlin can occupy a country without firing a shot. Looking at Hungary, it is quite clear that such a strategy can be even more dangerous than a physical occupation, because the enemy is already working in our ranks, breaking up unity and driving each other apart, when our goal and target as Westerners should be one, clear and unchanging: to destroy the evil in the East.

The Kremlin claims that its special services are tracking Western intelligence after a video was posted on YouTube urging Russians to talk to the US Central Intelligence Agency. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov immediately said Russian intelligence was monitoring its online space.

Strange... Moscow, after all, has long threatened to disconnect from the World Wide Web and switch to a national "Cheburnet"-an internet network named after Cheburashka, that is, the hapless Kulverstuk.

Significant developments

Near Bakhmut, the Ukrainians switched to counter-attacks, with active defence. The Ukrainian armed forces in Bakhmut have been advancing for 3 days now, while the "Wagnerites" have crept into the town like rats into a trap, according to the commander of the ground forces, Oleksandr Syrsky.

The massive Kiev missile attack is reported to have destroyed 18 out of 18 Russian missiles, including six X-47M2 Kijjal air-launched ballistic missiles. Six MiG-31K aircraft fired one of them, nine Kalibr cruise missiles were fired by ships in the Black Sea and three missiles flew off S-400 air defence systems. All launched unmanned aerial vehicles were also destroyed.

Congratulations to our sisters and brothers in Ukraine, who have blocked the skies of their country with a shield against barbarian attacks.

Ukrainian troops begin using long-range British and French Storm Shadow missiles to destroy the Russian invaders. The Russo-fascists are no longer at peace in the air or on the ground. Nor will there be in hell.

French President Emmanuel Macron is joining the British initiative and has announced that he will hand over to Ukraine missiles with a range that "will allow resistance". Macron noted that France has already supplied Ukraine with a large number of weapons, in particular Cezar self-propelled artillery systems, ammunition and armoured vehicles. The French President added that "new ammunition" would also be sent to Ukraine.

The more and the more modern the weapons to suppress the Russians, the better.


Russia has invented a new mechanism for secret mobilisation through a feudal system of recruitment. The country's companies are forced to agitate their employees to sign up as 'volunteers' for the army. In the Moscow area, 'mobilisation meetings' have already begun to be organised.

Everything that was started by Lenin, Dzerzhinsky, consolidated by Sralin and preserved by Brezhnev, is now being implemented by the zealous gadfly, Putin.

The Kremlin wants to add 400 000 new recruits to the army. However, Putin is afraid to organise a new wave of mobilisation, so 'volunteers' are being sought throughout the suburbs. The tyrant-terrorist is panic-stricken about a coup. The Russian Führer knows very well that the furious Russian people love to rise up unexpectedly and to overthrow their tsars and tsarinas. All but one.

Russia continues to blackmail the UN and the world by continuing to be indecisive about the renewal of the Black Sea grain export agreement, which expires tomorrow. Russia has presented a list of conditions under which it would agree to extend the agreement, including allowing the Russian Agricultural Bank (Rosselkhozbank) to rejoin the international electronic payments system Swift. Turkey has expressed optimism that an agreement can be reached.

We say: "ivan - idi damoj".


Dung-throwing days in Kaimuky. The stench of corruption with its imitation of transparency has reached the government and the Prime Minister. The Minister has finally produced evidence that all expenditure is in accordance with Kaunas City Council regulations.

This is the end of the roar.


Why do you keep coming here with your accusations? If the Kaunas City Council administration has no problem reimbursing expenses incurred on 31 June or 31 September, why are you blaming the poor councillors? Why are you meddling in matters that are not your own? Why are you attacking the Minister?

A? Are you saying that there are only thirty days in June and September? Nonsense. There are as many days in a month as they determine. The Tsar, not you.

You say that the amount "absorbed" per politician may be ridiculous to some, but it is impressive on a nationwide scale, and the practice is flawed, to say the least? But can you not sympathise and understand: they are not to blame, they are not to blame, and the money has been diverted into their accounts?

We are not like you. We are joking, of course. But we will not be judges, investigators for the STT, the FNTT, the PSC or the prosecutor's office. We will leave these functions to the competent authorities. We trust them and the decency of their officials. However, seeing the millions of dollars being spent on the NATO Summit, we have no doubt that after the Summit, and especially with the change in the political situation, these greasy uses of money will be scrutinised very carefully. It would be very embarrassing indeed if someone were to be tempted to warm themselves at the expense of the state, that is to say, at the expense of us all.

We are very confident that this will not happen.

Pictured here, the UK and the Netherlands have agreed to provide Ukraine with F-16 combat capability, from aircraft to pilot training.

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