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Historical Fascism

(PART I - Ideological Fascism, here: )

In the first part we talked about ideological Russofascism. About the Russians and Russia above all.

Yes yes, history likes to repeat itself. In another place and time, with a swastika instead of a Z, neatly lined up blond blue-eyed men, stamping their feet and raising their right hand, were also shouting something similar: Heil!

The history...

Written by the winners. Without which ideology can only be based on religious fanaticism. Aha, you are right. The letter Z again. The third Rome with Cyril at its head.

And a very old propaganda classic, shining in white patches like frayed Montana jeans. Look, they are beating the ni**ers. Why did the US bomb Serbia and everybody keeps quiet? Did NATO carry out missions in Afghanistan, Libya, and Somalia? And you yourselves have been flattening Dresden, and we have been bombing Mariupol just a little bit.

All the Kremlin's rhetoric is a cleverly spun ball of historical events, the thread of which is being wound backward, pointing the finger at what once was. Back to the past, creating a future with a repetitive uber alles mise en scene.

Act number two and always the same. The words of the much-loved Russian actor Leonov constantly repeated to their own foreheads: you are angry and aggressive because you are weak and cowardly.

The world is dealing with an empire that is stuck deep in the past. In the origins of its creation. If you have been paying attention to the statements of Zakharova, Putin, Lavrov, Zhirinovsky, Dugin, Solovyov, Kiselev, and other Moscow mouthpieces, you have probably noticed how many reminiscences there are in the bad sense.

Do you know what event in Russia is celebrated with no less pomp than 'Dienj pobiedy' (Victory Day)? It is the anniversary of the Minin and Pozharsky uprising. In 1612, when the Lithuanian and Polish armies had already been in the Kremlin for 18 years and King Sigismund Vasa was undecided whether he or his 14-year-old son would be the Tsar of Rassieia, the Russians, caught up in the chaos, revolted and drove the ATR /Both Peoples Republic/ army out of Moscow. It was in honor of this event that Putin ordered a film glorifying the boyars and the Russian paupers.

The Mongol invasion of 1223 trampled on the Slavic principalities from which the Russian Empire (and not quite right so) derives its origins. The Golden Horde followed with successive victories, and had it not been for Lithuania (then the GDL), the Russians would probably have remained in the history books as Prussians. Assimilated, divided between the Chinese and the Mongols.

Hence the pathological hatred of the "Pribalts" /Baltic nations/. All the battles that followed, greater or lesser, wars won and lost, were unsuccessful attempts by Russia to move into Europe. And we, the Poles, the Ukrainians, even the Hungarians, and the Czechs, were an obstacle to them.

Brothers žaliukai, a handful of warriors in the forest, thanks to the wholehearted support of a small nation, have been kicking the ass of the All-Soviet Union sralin /Stalin with purposedly put r instead of t, meaning a man who has wet his pants/ power for more than a decade.

The festering wounds made by the hedgehog in the mangled, bloody snout of the ogre.

Putin, wallowing in the swamps of history, with all his hordes, seeks some imaginary revanche. To regain what the Russian Empire has lost for more than 500 years. To avenge all historical defeats.

Revenge in such a way that the 'suckers will know' because 'diedy vojievali' /grandfathers have fought /And not only at Berlin. For that terrible humiliation in Estonia and Lithuania in the 1920s. In 1939 in Finland and in 1990 with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

That is why, when they destroy cities and kill people, orcs scream: "What? You were allowed, but we weren't?"

People feel sorry for the Russian soldiers. But Russian mothers are not. While the father of one of them rejoices that his son has died for his homeland at the hands of the fascists in Ukraine, the mother of the other preaches to the living: "nado yabashitj etich ukropov bolshe!" /it is required to - curse word meaning kill - these Ukrainians (derogative) even more /

In Russia, this is the norm. It is the norm because, back in 1995, General Grachev, when he told of the young men he had sent to hell in Grozny, exulted: "You have no idea with what a smile and happiness on their faces those young men went to their death!"

This is the historical essence of the fascist Russian Empire today. Going to kill is happiness. Destroying the enemy (civilians) in every possible way is good. Torturing the enemy (women, children), inflicting as much suffering as possible in order to intimidate and subdue others is a way of war. Blowing up humanitarian convoys with red crosses and hospitals is a Russian form of conventional warfare.

Revenge for all real or imaginary historical wrongs is the mission of the Russian world.

On the one side where it does not exist, there may be a slow but purposeful movement towards the good. Pointless wars are abandoned, violence is avoided as far as possible, and common human values are declared. Economic and technological progress is being pursued, and war has been replaced by peaceful competition, opening up unlimited possibilities for all participants to operate in a huge and diverse market. Not everything is perfect, and not everything is beautiful, but efforts are being made to reduce pain and suffering in the world.

On the other side, on the Russian side, all progress is being abandoned, values that have nothing to do with humanity are being proclaimed, with the propagation and development of a Eurasian Duginist vision aimed at destroying an imaginary enemy, causing endless suffering and tears, glorifying violence, aggression, destruction, killing, looting, and all this done under the guise of some holy war against the West and the whole of Western culture in the name of Dostoyevsky and Pushkin.

End of Part II. Continued - on cultural fascism - in the next part.

Mindaugas Sėjūnas, Aurimas Navys, Public Information Security Agency

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