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Political strategic level
Turkey supports the peace plan proposed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said. According to the politician, Turkish diplomacy and President Recep Erdogan personally have made great efforts to establish a dialogue between Ukraine and Russia. Mevlut notes that Russia says it is ready to negotiate now, while Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is offering a 10-point peace plan.
"We, Turkey, support this plan and continue our work", Cavusoglu says. According to this plan, all prisoners must be released, the integrity of Ukrainian territory must be restored and all Russian troops must be withdrawn from the country.
It is our deep conviction that such negotiations are not possible today. We need a few more months for Putin to be running out of air, and for him to be gasping for mercy. This can happen when the front line, the frontline, the heavy weapons of the West, start "working".
Yesterday, German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock made a surprise visit to Kharkiv and said that the city 'symbolises the utter madness of Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine and the endless suffering that the people are facing on a daily basis, especially in the east of the country'.
Almost 500 000 of Kharkiv's 1.5 million inhabitants have been forced to flee," the German politician marvelled at the stark reality.
Annalena Berbock came to Kharkiv to see the situation in the city, to listen to the people who are struggling 'in this bitterly cold winter, with temperatures reaching minus 15 degrees at night', a move that greatly impressed the German official.
Every such encounter with the horrors of the war in Ukraine, with the rape of children and their mothers, with mass murder and death, has a huge impact on Western politicians. Leaders with broader and deeper thinking are beginning to realise that this bloody reality could have come to their own homes and that the threat has not gone anywhere. This will lead to faster and more active support for Ukraine, which is what the country needs most now.
According to the NATO Secretary General, the Alliance must strengthen its support for Ukraine. Jens Stoltenberg is pleased that Putin has "failed" to divide the Western allies who have provided and are providing tens of billions of dollars of military aid to Ukraine.
One of President Putin's closest associates, that is to say colleagues, Nikolai Patrushev, has stated that Russia is currently fighting the US-led NATO military alliance in Ukraine. "The events in Ukraine are not a clash between Moscow and Kiev - it is a military confrontation between Russia and NATO, in particular the United States and Great Britain", said Patrushev, Secretary of the Russian Security Council.
What incredible heroism! You could say that Russia was attacked by the Alliance and is now defending itself against a terrible invasion. Foolishness for the dullards of Mordor. If there were a real military confrontation between NATO and Russia, the Russian army's so-called elite strike force would be gone in 24 hours, and all the general staff, missile control, launch and coordination points, with all the ironheads, would be wiped out within a week.
Nikolai Patrushev, a former KGB agent and Putka's friend since the 1970s, is considered to be one of the few people capable of influencing the Russian President. "The Westerners are planning to continue to tear Russia apart, and in the end to simply wipe it off the political map", Patrushev told a local newspaper.
Aha. Exactly. And?
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen thinks partners should provide Ukraine with Western-standard battle tanks. "I have said repeatedly since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine: I believe that Ukraine should get all the weapons it needs to defend its homeland. This means, of course, not only advanced air defence systems, but also other advanced military equipment - as much as Ukraine needs to defend itself".
As they say, good morning, Vietnam.
CNN reports that the West's attitude to the war in Ukraine has changed. The latest report on US aid says that it has ordered the supply of more offensive weapons (the priority was defensive) to Ukraine, such as Bradley fighting vehicles and advanced long-range missile systems, which Washington has been delaying to avoid nuclear escalation. The Ukrainians can use American Bradleys "to create an iron fist that will be used to penetrate the Russian defence line", says Lieutenant General Ben Hodges.
Offensive, defensive, forward, rear - these are just terms that are juggled like counter-attack, counter-attack. The fact is that heavy advanced weaponry, including tactical ballistic and cruise missiles, would certainly change the balance of power in Ukraine and reduce the loss of life and suffering. However, the point can only be made if the Marauder gang is destroyed.
This year, the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers plans to receive €17 billion. The Cabinet of Ministers will spend $17 billion to rebuild assets damaged and destroyed by the Russian invasion. The Ukraine Recovery Plan calls for USD 750 billion, with the main source of reconstruction coming from assets seized in Russia.
It does not make sense to us... how cities will be rebuilt if they continue to be destroyed and burnt. Maybe we should put out the fire first?
Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking at the Golden Globe Awards in the US, stressed that "There will be no World War III, it is not a trilogy. Ukraine will stop Russian aggression on our soil". Zelensky reminded the audience of the first Golden Globe, awarded in 1944 to honour the best performers of 1943.
The audience applauded after Zelensky's words of victory. The Ukrainian President was introduced to the audience by Sean Penn, the actor and director who met Zelensky in Kiev last November while filming a documentary about Ukraine.
Operational level
No major changes.
The Pentagon announces that it sees no indication that Belarus intends to engage in a war against Ukraine. Commenting on Russia's plans to mobilise 500,000 people to attack Ukraine, Sabrina Singh, Deputy Spokesperson of the US Department of Defense, says that the US sees no sign that this is a preparation for war.
Let's have faith. They see things better from up there.
We would remind you that this Sunday Russia and Belarus are planning a joint exercise of military aviation units on Belarusian territory. The exercise will last until 1 February and will involve Russian and Belarusian forces belonging to the regional group of armies.
According to the US, shelling by the Russian armed forces has decreased from 20 000 to 5 000 shells per day. According to Ukraine, the number of shells fired per day has decreased from 60 000 to 20 000.
It is believed that either Russia is experiencing a shortage of ammunition, or that it is changing its offensive tactics in the light of the success of Ukrainian counter-attacks.
We believe that the second option is correct.
Russia's stocks of tanks and armoured vehicles are running low. Western analysts predict that by 2023 Russia may have completely exhausted its stocks of usable ammunition. However, despite sanctions, Russia continues to produce weapons.
These data signal that Russia's actions on the ground will be increasingly fettered and the war will continue in support of targeted missile attacks.
Despite huge losses, the Russians continue to advance into Bakhmut and Soledar. Heavy fighting and evacuations of the remaining population are reported. The towns are almost completely destroyed. Some claim that this frontline is important because of the salt resources, others because of the thorn in the side of the defence or the willingness of the Wagner Group to appear on the battlefield. However, neither option is likely to be correct. The Drisks are attacking to expand the occupation borders of the Donbass, and Bakhmut is a splinter in the ass that has been liberated by the Wallachians 50 times since last May. The Russians simply need at least one tangible victory, something they have not achieved for a long time.
And even if the Russians manage to take Bakhmut, it does not make any material difference to the 1 500 km front line. The Ukrainian army is not fighting over empty ruins. The Ukrainian army is carrying out offensive operations, liberating vast areas.
Tactical level
Over the past day the Ukrainian Defence Forces have repelled enemy attacks in all directions.
The Russian terrorist invaders launched 6 rocket and 16 air strikes, and more than 50 attacks from salvo rocket systems, targeting civilian infrastructure in the Kharkiv, Donetsk and Kherson regions.
The Russian occupation forces are carrying out terror against the population of the temporarily occupied and occupied territories. Nearly 1 500 Zaporizhzhya NPP workers who refused to obtain Russian passports and to sign a contract with Rosatom are denied access to the plant.
The occupiers are therefore recruiting new workers in various regions of Russia. Since the future occupiers will need housing, the Russo-fascists are nationalising the apartments of the local inhabitants who have left.
Over the past day, the Ukrainian air force has struck 14 strikes on enemy concentration areas and 4 strikes on Russian anti-aircraft missile systems.
Ukrainian rocket and artillery forces struck 3 Drisky command posts, 2 enemy artillery positions and 8 enemy concentration points. Casualties are being counted.
The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that 710 Russian soldiers have been killed over the past day. The total number of Russian citizens killed in the war is 112 470.
Photo: Uralvagonzavod, Nizhny Tagil, Russia, where T-90M tanks are assembled. It's about time someone got careless and smoked there.
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