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Why is it not helping as much as needed? Why are they not stopping the madness that is taking place? What are they waiting for? Why has economic prosperity become more important than peace? More than destroyed cities and thousands of lives?

Values. The European Union and the old European countries have chosen material prosperity as their values. Generation after generation, after the last world war, have sought to live better, more affluent lives. Luxury watches and cars, bigger houses, maids for children and maids for furniture. Holidays with sea views, ground floor not on offer.

Other countries, much later emerging from the prison of Soclager and Bolshevism-Communism thoughts, rushed to follow them.

The societies of the value of things have abandoned spiritual leaders. It is natural that they are served, and in some cases led, by politicians-managers. They are as faceless and dishevelled as yesterday's beer, like the typical (in cartoons and propaganda books, of course) clerk in the bureaucratic machine. They do their jobs precisely and look after sales: only GDP growth, only party popularity, only personal ratings.

Economic growth at all costs, because the masses want to earn more. More earning, more spending, and for that you need rising production and, of course, inflation, which is inevitably rising, like the Russo-fascist's drive to kill. A perfect world of consumption and things. Stable and easy to predict.


Any major shock to it immediately becomes a crisis. The picture of idyll that we and others have created for ourselves and for us, and which has been set up as the norm, is the result of lying to ourselves. The world is unstable, life is in constant flux, the ebb and flow of the tide is natural and fascinating, but only as long as it is not written in calendars, measured and predicted. We have become pharmacists, dry economists, calculating and weighing stability.

My God, we are completely crazy. Security and stability here, exchanged for people being killed, dogs being shot, houses being blown up and burned down somewhere, has become the norm for us. We have exchanged other people's blood for our own projected security.

We feel that the internal anxiety that arises from the images of war must be addressed, and then we organise or become participants in one-day actions, pickets, songs, videos, slogans to satisfy our solidarity with those who suffer, in the hope that it will make a difference. Yes, it will alleviate the uncomfortable spiritual silence at bedtime, but are we not sinking deeper into a world of deception of our own making?

Orban is bad, but what can we do, the finger-pointing Hungarians say publicly, and then the very next election sees the friend of the Kremlin again winning a majority. It is convenient for them to have a scapegoat and continue to live well.

But are we not sometimes Hungarian ourselves? To pay for the horrors of war that are going on out there somewhere, to pass the buck to the elected, to the others, to the Macrons and the Scholzes? After all, they are, let us face it, basically doing what we ask of them. Do we really want and have the power to change the politician-managers into leaders of spiritual values?

Be careful what you wish for, let us make a grim joke. To change them, we must change ourselves. We have to learn to think, to understand, to grasp and to know the origins, not only of the terrible invasion that is about to last for a hundred days and of what is happening in Russia and Belarus.

We must learn to think about, understand, grasp and know the origins of what is happening to us at the moment as well. We ourselves have become a mass of orbans, easily massaged by a hand that is no longer the Kremlin's hand, which we still tend to see everywhere - and for good reason.

Can we stop and look in the mirror for the sake of other people's lives and well-being? Can we look in the mirror and see a nervous, emotional three-year-old child in a fit of emotion, throwing himself on the floor and shouting, 'I want!'

Can we understand that there is no such thing as MY truth? Will we dare to declare one for ourselves, in addition to making demands on others?

We do not need answers. We are asking you to pause.

Otherwise, we will remain a matrix of numbers marked on the managers' tables. Economic growth. A mass of people loitering around a marketplace where children's deaths are traded.

Aurimas Navys, Mindaugas Sėjūnas

Sincere thanks to those who read and have supported us. It is because of you that we are fully independent and can say exactly what we think.

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