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Orcs boast that they have finally captured the city of Mariupol. All their so-called news portals are trumpeting the victory. Some piss-soaked Russian generals are explaining the strategic importance of the port city to the fictional Novorossiya.

What a shame!

One short message to Azov (a Ukrainian separate regiment together with the 36th Marine Brigade defending the city), and there you go: - Alive, we are, alive. Pass it on, let the Muscovites go na***i (f**k themselves).

The wankers and ragheads from the Russland who call themselves officers, the war criminals, the murderous soldiers whom it would be tongue-tied to call soldiers. They fight ignorantly, with moronic obtuseness, they have destroyed the city, ruined the infrastructure, they have nowhere to wash their shitty underpants, and they are proud of it.

A house that has stood through two world wars, devastated, blown up. A reproach to any claim to human civility. (see photo).

Europe, the cradle of culture. Phew.

A starving population, without water, electricity, gas. No place to live, no place to hide from the fires of the Grads. With festering wounds that won't heal. Dying without medicine.

Bodies rotting in the streets, in backyards, in cellars. They are trampled by homeless, ownerless dogs.


Once again, the subject of endless arguments and debates among the world's war and political "exZperts".

Were chemical weapons used? Why are the Ukrainians not providing evidence? And if twenty thousand are dead, where are the corpses? Why are they not photographed, videotaped, in high definition, from several angles?

Huh? Why?

What if they were? If the prosecutors, with chemical/weapons investigators, were to come to the remains of the city and conduct all the tests described by the bureaucrats in peacetime, according to the rules, in test tubes and centrifuges, to confirm? Would this be a threshold beyond which the Western response would be different?

Sort of. How?

Probably just another name-calling that the Russo-fascists have committed another war crime. Possibly an act of genocide, because genocide is... /blah blah blah/

Except that it makes no difference to those who are still alive, and to us who write, how the population of Mariupol is being exterminated - by bombs, while hundreds lie with severed limbs; by siege, without access to humanitarian aid and the International Red Cross, while thousands starve to death; by tracer bullets fired for fun at night - the hunt! - or in other more or less familiar ways devised by the twisted mind of humanity.

From the first day of the invasion, it is genocide and a war crime.

The siege of the city by the Golden Horde has not only pushed the Russians - it has pushed all of us - back into the Middle Ages. The aggressor because he is no longer bound by any limits. Us, because we are just watching and there is nothing (really?) we can do.

And no tongue dancing, no cock crowing, no excuses and no concepts will save us here.

It is the survivors who need to be saved.


P.S. In the last 50 days of the war, 191 of them have been killed and 349 wounded. Here are the ones officially recognised. Described according to the rules.

Mindaugas Sėjūnas, Aurimas Navys, Public Information Security Agency

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