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The NATO Secretary General asked Putin to withdraw all forces from Ukraine in good faith. Resolve the war by diplomatic means.

In good faith. War. By diplomatic means.

Helo, which ward are you in?

Imagine - a recidivist, a rapist and a murderer, who has killed and robbed many people, is about to slit the throat of another. This is being watched on his screen at close range by a policeman armed to the teeth, who is several times stronger than the killer, both technically and physically. And here is the armed policeman, not even directly, but by sending a letter, saying: 'Good afternoon, sir! Could you please not kill for a little while. Maybe we can come to some kind of agreement and let you go on robbing, just pull the knife. Be so kind, eh?'

After such statements, Russia is beginning to destroy Ukrainian cities even more intensively and to sow death right and left. The number of children alone who have died at the hands of the Russo-fascists is approaching, if not has already exceeded, a hundred.

Four school classes.

The heart of Mr Macron, a friend of the Kremlin, is also breaking. He calls, he says, Ladimyr, maybe be good, don't kill any more. The killer answers the call, laughs, spits and continues the killing and robbery. No no, he says, this time I will finish the killing.

The leaders of NATO and the EU do not realise that Russia takes every such call as an invitation. Any tears, any condolences, any pleas are perceived in the Kremlin as weakness, they are seen as defeat, and they encourage even more killing.

The Kremlin reacted very differently when, just a few days ago, the US announced that it would allow any NATO country to supply Ukraine with fighter jets. The Russian General Staff waited around the clock in a huff to see what would happen. It ended in a public disagreement between NATO countries (at least not just in Lithuania, where the holey underwear is on public display), the collapse of hope for Ukraine and the untying of Russia's hands.

This impotent mewling and blatant demonstration of Western weakness has led to the further destruction of Ukrainian cities and the ordering of Russian troops to shoot civilians. Crush them with tanks.

Mariupol and Kharkiv have been destroyed by non-stop air strikes tonight. In the latter, almost 300 apartment blocks have already been destroyed. A recording of the sweeping away of Mykolaiv by MRLS Grads is circulating on Russian Nazi Telegram channels. Russia will undoubtedly continue its airstrikes in western Ukraine, but this time it will target convoys delivering arms.

Oops, by accident, they will explain it to some chancellor when he rings the red telephone again.

And the West, as usual, seeing murderers, racketeers, terrorists killing people and destroying one of the largest countries in Europe, will again call on their leader, a thug with hands bloody to the elbows, to settle the 'conflict' peacefully.

Are we really prepared to shake the hand of a war criminal? Do we realise that this makes the psychological advantage of the regime even greater, giving the Russian generals even more hope than they probably intended.

Even more grads, calibres and other explosive, destructive, crippling, murderous horrors.

These tactics are also Russia's response to Western sanctions. You are ruining us economically, and our 'counter' is bombs and missiles, which will destroy and hit the EU economy. It is easy to predict that there will soon be 10 million refugees, not 2.5 million. The price of fuel, gas and, by extension, all other consumer products will rise.

The bison, many times stronger and heavier, but running away, will only fuel the hungry wolf even more. Russian propagandists have smelled the blood of the victim and are already loudly calling on the Kremlin not to stop, to seize the historic moment and to march further into Europe.

Implement Dugin's Eurasia project. According to this plan, this state is to encompass all the former Soviet states, the countries of the socialist bloc, and bring the remaining EU Member States under its protectorate.

The final goal is Berlin and the red flag that flies there. An Orwellian utopia becoming reality.

If NATO and the EU do not want war in their hearts, they must immediately change the rhetoric of the frightened, trembling, shaking, shivering and grovelling European. It must start with a change of perception, with a new thought in the brain that has been suffocated by excess and democracy.

We - Western civilisation - have a huge challenge ahead of us, which, at least in our minds, needs to start now. The demilitarisation, de-Nazification and trial of war criminals in Russia.

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