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Please, read it. We know you think you know it all. Do it at least for the sake of Ukrainians fighting for this very moment when you read it. This you can really do.

We start by saying that there is no "conflict" in Ukraine. There is no "situation" or "problem" in Ukraine.

Russia (and Belorus) invaded the sovereign country and started the unprecedented war on a scale unseen from IIWW.

This is not a problem or situation. This is full-scale war and military aggression.

We see the Kremlin narrative that has taken place in the heads of your people in your respective countries: if NATO has been conducting military operations in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, then why is the same West accusing Russia of conducting a "special operation" in Ukraine?

Firstly, these military operations - war in fact in Ukraine - are not comparable in any way, either in political or geopolitical. All NATO missions were sanctioned by UN SC.

Secondly, Mr. Zelensky is not Assad, not Hussein, not Gaddafi. But Putin is and far beyond. Mr. Zelensky was freely elected in democratic elections. Over 40 million citizens of the sovereign country had the right to vote (or not) for him. Alike for Biden. Or Macron.

Thirdly, Ukraine is a democratic country that is making efforts to integrate into the EU and NATO, thereby declaring and following Western values.

Fourthly, Russia's military campaign is not directed only against Ukraine.

Fifthly, Russia's military aggression is against NATO countries and the Western world per se.

Sixthly, Russia is not seeking to remove Zelensky as a threat.

Seventhly, Russia's main objective is to restore the Soviet Union.

Eighthly, Russia is demanding the withdrawal of US troops from Europe, the withdrawal of nuclear weapons, which would mean the end of NATO and the end of the security of all its members. Putin and Lavrov repeatedly stated that they want to restore the status quo of 1990.

Ninthly, Russia's war in Ukraine will not end; it will continue until the final goal is achieved: the restoration of the former Soviet empire and the collapse of the EU.

Tenthly, this war is a threat to civilization as a whole, because Russia wages war without any regard for its own and its enemy's civilian or military casualties.

If this is not stopped now millions could die.

Yes. Millions.

We would also like to emphasize that Putin's regime has its roots in the Soviet Union tradition of the so-called "structures". Secret services like NKVD, KGB, GRU, FSB and SVR.

The regime is not democratically elected. The roots of the regime are in Soviet Bolshevik and communist atrocities against peoples of many states including Russia itself. We talk here about tens of millions of human lives who perished in the span of one hundred years.

Soviets artificially created a famine in Ukraine in 1932-33. This Holodomor led to the demographic losses of up to 10 million deaths of Ukrainian people.

The Soviets deported, killed, and exterminated other peoples, and the Lithuanian nation after the IIWW of three million people suffered the most. About 200 000 people were killed and about one million fled.

We know what we are saying. Our grandfathers and mothers faced that. Directly.

Soviets killed millions and millions of people in neighboring countries.

Today's modern Russia is continuing on Stalin's work in Baltic States, Georgia, Chechnya, Moldova, and now twice in Ukraine – Crimea, Donbas occupation as well as today's war.

Putin's actions show that he is prepared to pursue his goal at any cost, even if it costs millions of displaced persons, civilian or military casualties including his own country. He doesn't care about any human life. At all.

Today's Russia is not even very very far comparable to USA or NATO or EU or even other maybe not so much democratic countries.

Today’s Russia is comparable to Pol Pot's Cambodia, to Hitler's Nazi Germany. N. Korea is a really advanced country to compare to it.

Not just mentally. Actually.

Putin is maybe comparable to Hitler only.

The inadequate assessment of the situation is the result of Putin's propaganda, which his propaganda machine has been spreading through all its foreign channels, “Russia Today”, agents working in Rossotrudnichestvo, social media, and all other media outlets. It is therefore natural that there are 'journalists and experts' who repeat like parrots the phrases polished by Putin and his criminals.

Do you really think, that life of an Italian or German, Frenchman or Lithuanian is worth more than that of a Ukrainian?

This is what Putin's propaganda wants you to believe.

A liter of Ukrainian blood for a barrel of oil.

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