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It is said that the greatest mistake of military strategists is to misjudge, miscalculate and underestimate the enemy.

It is possible to ridicule the enemy in order to raise the fighting spirit, but to fail to see his moods, plans and next steps is to be the downfall of a side that does not grasp reality.

So do we have the right perception of Putin's Russia?

Europeans and Americans, and most Lithuanians, probably imagine that Russians are as rational people as we are, that for them, material values - a bigger house, a faster car, a more comfortable life, a tastier bite - are the basis of their simple, primitive life. Essential values.

Higher per capita GDP, so to say.

Therefore, it is assumed that the sanctions will work one day, and pretty soon tens of millions of Russians will have nothing to eat, the soldiers will be angry, barefoot, will crate up their automatic rifles, will pack up their Grads, Iskanders, MIs and SUs, and all the rest of their guns, and they will all stagger home, all of them very depressed.

Putka and Batka will put all their generals in the ladas, go to The Hague, turn themselves in and handcuff themselves. Then they will apologise to everyone and queue up at the gallows.

We will all shake our fingers, say no more no more no more, and sentence them to 25 years - and, oh, horrors - in prison.

Nice, but no, for Putin's ideologues, today's geopolitical situation looks quite the opposite. The propagandists Solovyov and Dugin claim that Russia has no choice but to win in Ukraine. This country is being punished by sword and fire for having chosen the side of Western civilisation and, moreover, it is a resource-rich part of the world that rightfully belongs to Russia.

This war is not a war against Ukraine, but against the West. It is with the whole of Western civilisation. After years of suffering the values, the way of life, the bullying imposed by the West, thanks to Putin, Russia has finally changed its geopolitical vector. Moscow has finally begun to rebuild its almost destroyed world and is recovering from its dependence.

Equal relations with the West are just beginning. Russia is finally becoming a new civilisation, which means a new epoch. The limits of this civilisation are at least the reconstruction of the entire post-Soviet space.

Kremlin propagandists are calling for haste. After all, the West is intent on destroying the Russian people, culture and spirit. Therefore, the West's answer must come now. In the style of Dostoyevsky and Pushkin.

All this was written a long time ago, has been said very clearly many times and has not been hidden from us at all. It is already being put into action.

It is just that we are still unable to understand it.

Photo: some three losers in Kherson meeting the Russian fascists.

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