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Geopolitical situation

Volodymyr Zelensky stated in the Netherlands that at least $400 billion is needed to rebuild Ukraine. The only areas that count are those that have not yet been occupied by Russian barbarians. The Muscovite terrorists have destroyed Ukraine's power stations, the network of educational establishments, cultural centres, museums, churches and other infrastructure. The President of Ukraine noted that there is still a problem with the legislation in force in other countries on the confiscation and transfer of assets frozen by Russia for use in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Although the war is not yet over, many construction companies are already rubbing their hands together to contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine. It is good that businesses are planning ahead for income. It would be wonderful if politicians who grew up in party hothouses and who shout at the crowds on their kneecaps could also learn to plan the geopolitical skies.

Belgium has announced that it intends to transfer EUR 58 billion worth of frozen Russian assets to Ukraine. The World Bank will provide Ukraine with almost USD 1.5 billion for projects to rebuild hospitals, heating systems, energy and transport infrastructure.

The scale of the damage inflicted by the enemy on Ukraine is increasing. The Office of the President of Ukraine points out that 'future generations yet unborn will pay the price'.

Victoria Nuland, US Assistant Secretary of State for Political Affairs, has stated that Washington is considering using frozen Russian Federation assets to finance the reconstruction of infrastructure destroyed by the full-scale war in Ukraine. There is talk of raising the $300 billion blocked by the Russian Central Bank.

The EU is also exploring the legal options for using the bloc's frozen Russian currency reserves. In particular, the possibility of investing these funds and redirecting the profits to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine is being considered.

On the other hand, however, US-EU trade generates on average €5.5 billion in monthly profits for Russia. Something is wrong with our civilisation. We have not done our homework, we have not learnt our lessons, if in the 21st century we have allowed a locust invasion equivalent to that of the new-age Huns, and we continue to finance it.

Russia has accused the US of orchestrating the launch of drones into the Kremlin. Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for the Russian terrorist mouthpiece, said that "the attempts by Kyiv and Washington to deny an attack on the Kremlin are ridiculous, the US decides on such attacks and Ukraine carries them out".

Yes, all the evidence is in the palm of your hand: the Kremlin has completely lost its mind without seeing the drone operated by Joe Biden. Before that, this spring, Russia failed to notice the flight into its territory of hundreds of thousands of geese infected with the deadly diarrhoea virus in US laboratories.

According to the Institute for the Study of War, there are several indications that the strike against the Kremlin was orchestrated by the Russian Federation itself, in order to communicate information about the war to a domestic audience and to facilitate a wider mobilisation of the public.

The Russian authorities have recently taken measures to strengthen internal air defences, including in Moscow itself. It is therefore highly unlikely that two unmanned aerial vehicles would have been able to penetrate the many air defence rings and either blow themselves up or be shot down directly over the 'heart' of the Kremlin in such a way that spectacular shots could have been taken.

The swift, coherent and coordinated response of the Kremlin to the incident shows that the attack was designed to have political consequences that were more significant than the informational stigma. The Kremlin immediately accused Ukraine of carrying out a terrorist attack, and the Russian official reaction quickly rallied around this accusation.

This is undoubtedly a Kremlin operation, as we said immediately after the 'attack'.

Significant developments

Ukraine is actively preparing for a counter-attack and has no chance of failure, said Mr Zelensky at a joint press conference with the Dutch and Belgian prime ministers. "We are thinking about how to prepare for a counter-attack and we don't think we can fail. This is not our way. We have one goal and we understand that", the Ukrainian leader said.

Dmitry Rogozin, former head of Roscosmos, threatened to stop a Ukrainian counter-attack with tactical nuclear weapons. He said that the Ukrainians would start their counter-offensive with HIMARS missile systems, followed by "drone raids" and then Abrams and Leopard tanks. "According to our doctrine, we have every right to use tactical nuclear weapons. That is what they exist for. They are an excellent means of levelling the playing field when there is a clear disparity between conventional forces and capabilities in favour of the enemy. The best way to stop their attack is to use tactical nuclear weapons with understandable consequences, but for the time being there seems to be no other option," said another Kremlin spokesman.

Everything is happening exactly as we said yesterday. Russia is launching nuclear blackmail. Not by the Kremlin's leaders, but by its stooges. At the moment, Moscow is trying to stop the Ukrainian counter-offensive by taking its opponents 'on the ponto' (bandit jargon).

The anticipation of a Ukrainian counter-attack, with copious amounts of vodka poured over the anxiety, has probably unbalanced the brain activity of Moscow's gang of criminals, and we are about to see a lot more inadequate statements.

At the same time, we sympathise with the Ukrainian soldiers, the planners of the General Staff, who today are being looked upon as a basketball team that will run onto the court, hit the enemy with three-pointers in 20 minutes, and then we will all go and drink champagne with fireworks going off. That will not happen. It will be one of many wars. God forbid that we win this battle, that we achieve our goal and that we turn the tide of the war in a direction that is good for Kyiv and for us.


Ukraine's ambassador to Israel, Yevgeny Korniychuk, says that an Israeli-developed missile detection system is being tested in Kyiv and could be activated within two months. "It allows us to identify various objects, including ballistic missiles, and calculates where they will fall, and basically it allows us to shut down certain parts of the country, not the whole country," the ambassador said.

Once activated, the system will alert the population to areas targeted by Russian missiles and drones, either by sirens or mobile phone alerts.

The Dutch Prime Minister says that negotiations on F-16 fighter jets are progressing rapidly. Negotiations on the possible donation of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine are progressing well and "there are no taboos", Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said. The Dutch Prime Minister has previously said that the Netherlands would consider any military assistance to Ukraine if it did not lead to a conflict between NATO and Russia.

A sober Dmitry Medvedev called Borrell, the EU's foreign policy chief. "an insolent old fool" after he warned Moscow not to escalate the war following an alleged drone strike. "Borrell spoke out against using an attack on the Kremlin to potentially further escalate the conflict. Cheeky old fool. It is precisely the escalation of the conflict that he will lead to - a terrorist attack carried out by the Kyiv government, led by the US and endorsed by the EU leadership. This is what Washington and many of the stupid leaders in Brussels want", the loser fumed.

A major Ukrainian counter-attack could be a decisive factor in the war, turning the tide in favour of the Ukrainian armed forces, but if Ukraine does not seize the chance, things will look "bleak", said Lord Dannatt, the former British Chief of the General Staff.

NATO says Russia is preparing to strike undersea cables in the EU and North America. Russia is reportedly mapping important allied infrastructure both on land and underwater. The Russian army and special services are involved in the operation.

An international team of investigative journalists has found evidence that Russian vessels were hidden near the sites where the Nord Stream pipeline was blown up. It is noted that these were vessels capable of underwater operations.

Russian intelligence services have been a major threat to Denmark for many years and will continue to be a threat in the future, the country's police intelligence service said in a new report.

Nothing wrong with that. Let's be prepared to survive without Facebook and the internet for a while. Meditation in nature will clear our minds of internet rubbish.


The bells of the village ring about a never-before-seen €140 000 bribe, a family business, the family's influence and the city it controls.

Not surprising, given the double-edged sword.

This is what happens when small and medium-sized businesses are destroyed in order to generate predictable income from large concerns and business corporations. Yes, it is predictable revenue for the budget, but it is also predictable slavery, as in the case of a family-run city.

Hence, in order to destroy such families, it is necessary that there are no more family-run corporations (all corporations and concerns are owned by somebody's family), or that the corporations are run by trustworthy families loyal to the government.

However, this would be closer to the Belarusian business model.

Only a free, liberal market and free speech can guarantee the stability of the government and the state, the viability of a business and, above all, the rights and freedoms of citizens.

The photo shows Zelensky next to the Patriot system and other equipment to be delivered to Ukraine in the Netherlands.

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