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Geopolitical situation

Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, said that Russia is facing a catastrophe. The "greatest geopolitical catastrophe" spoken of by the Russian dictator Putin, referring to the collapse of the Soviet Union, has turned out to be a prediction for a terrorist country. According to Danilov, Russia is facing defeat, disintegration, trials and confrontation.

But Ukraine is facing victory.

Such words are honey to our ears. However, the great strategists of the West are reeling under such pronouncements. They are terribly afraid of a divided Russia, torn apart by civil war, whose nuclear arsenal is in the hands of who knows who. Now the nukes are under Putler's hoof. So far, so predictable. This crumbling Russia card is being cleverly waved by the Kremlin's opposition, who claim that Russia cannot break up because there will be a nuclear war and no one to pay reparations to Ukraine.

As a result of all this turbulence, the West is frowning in support of a united Russia with its dictator Putin. Who is to say that this narrative is not a clever plan orchestrated by the FSB and the SVR?

The EU has stated that Russia is carrying out very dangerous air provocations. On Friday, over the Black Sea, a Russian Su-35 fighter jet carried out 'aggressive and dangerous manoeuvres' in airspace patrolled by Polish aircraft. The Russian Su-35 approached the Polish crew three times at close range, within five metres of the nose of the aircraft, and flew away. This approach caused the Polish aircraft to lose altitude.

There is no doubt that an accident similar to the one when a Russian fighter jet poured kerosene on a US reconnaissance drone, which crashed, could have happened. The Drisks are afraid to engage in open combat because they know they will get into rags, so they provoke. They are afraid to shoot, so they shoot on someone else's trail.

It is our deep conviction that Russian fighters that provoke a clash must be shot down. This needs to be prepared for and systematically started. It is precisely such action, and not the whining of the NATO leaders, that would lead to a new policy, attitude and action on the part of the Kremlin towards the West and Ukraine. Only fear, the threat of war, of destruction, with real action to prove it, can force the Kremlin to come to the negotiating table on terms favourable to Kyiv.

"Mr Prigozhin, the Wagner commander and cook, published a video showing the bodies of the dead 'musicians' and berating the Russian military leadership for the lack of ammunition. Prigozhin blamed Shoigu and Gerasimov for the deaths and the lack of ammunition, calling them greasy officials who do not care about the lives of volunteers.

We would like to reiterate that Prigozhin, like Wagner, is an integral part of Kremlin policy. "Wagner is financed from the same line of the Russian Ministry of Defence, and the units are commanded by Russian army and FSB officers. This whole circus of trying to simulate the Prigozhin-Kadyrov-Putin-Shoigu-Gerasimov conflict is a blur, a smoke screen. It is just as much a fairy tale as the claims about Putin's planned withdrawal of the Russian army from Ukraine. The whole spectacle is designed to create the illusion that there is a rift in the Kremlin, that Putin's power is fading, thus weakening our and Ukraine's vigilance, so that we will be waiting with folded arms for a coup in the Kremlin. If the apartment thief acted independently and undermined the interests of the Kremlin, he would not be walking this earth any longer.

Significant developments

Russian terrorists attacked Ukrainian cities overnight with missiles and kamikaze drones. More than 30 drones were shot down over the Kyiv region. It seems that none of the planes reached their targets. Debris from falling drones in the capital injured 5 people, damaged several cars and broke windows of a residential building.

Excellent air defence work.

The southern regions were additionally attacked by missiles from Russian strategic aircraft. One of the missiles hit a food depot and a recreation area in the Odessa area.

Russia is continuing its air strikes against Ukraine. The Kremlin is thus seeking to stop a planned counter-offensive by Ukraine. The general balloons in Moscow are biting their toenails, waiting in fear for the hail of HIMARS missiles to hit the remnants of their hordes. There is reportedly panic in the Kremlin. It is feared that the counter-offensive will begin on 9 May, the so-called victory day. You can imagine very vividly what Victory Day will look like as thousands of Vulcans sprint to Mordor.

Russian forces are reportedly evacuating a town near the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant. The evacuation is being carried out by workers who service the occupied plant. The Russians believe that Ukraine is about to launch a long-awaited counter-offensive to retake the territory occupied by Moscow, including the Zaporizhzhya region. Russian forces are reportedly evacuating collaborators and persons who have taken Russian citizenship.


Six members of Ukraine's State Emergency Service are killed by Russian shelling in the southern Kherson region. A criminal case has been opened to investigate whether the incident violated the laws of war and constituted "premeditated murder".

London predicts that the war in Ukraine will lead to an economic crisis in Russia. Russia is facing a labour shortage which "is likely to reduce the potential growth of the Russian economy and risks fuelling inflation", the British Ministry of Defence said.

Russia's population has reportedly shrunk by 2 million more people than expected over the last three years. Up to 1.3 million people have left by 2022, including many younger and well-educated highly skilled professionals. 100,000 IT workers left and did not return in 2022.

The goblins in the Kremlin piss on all their refugees. At the moment, their only goal and means of escape is war.

Turkey has refused a US request to transfer Russian S-400 Zenith missile guns to Ukraine. Turkey itself signed a USD 2.5 billion agreement with Russia for the purchase of 4 S-400 batteries back in 2017. Turkey became the first NATO country to purchase S-400s from Russia.

Washington warned Ankara that Russia's purchase of S-400 surface-to-air missile systems posed a serious threat to NATO, but Ankara did not listen. The US was worried that the purchase of these systems could provide the Russians with information about the vulnerability of the latest US F-35 fighter jets. As a result of Russia's purchase of the S-400, the US imposed an embargo on the supply of F-35 Lightning II fighter jets to Turkey in December 2020. And in 2021, Washington imposed sanctions on Ankara.


Spring Day. The weather will warm up steadily until next weekend. Rain will water the ground, where planted life will begin to sprout. This year, people are buying a wide variety of seeds and seedlings.

Some apocalypse heralds claim that people are doing this to prepare their supplies for the last resort.

In our opinion, farming is not about preparing for war, but about stability, rest and meditation. Barefoot, with our hands in the soil, teeming with trillions of good bacteria, we are not only growing vegetables, but also resting our bodies and our tired souls.

Now is the best time to cleanse your mind of the Internet junk, and to keep up with the flow of events, just read our daily reviews.

Pictured here, a Ukrainian machine-gunner prepares to meet the horde.

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