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Geopolitical situation

The Russian government is taking all possible measures to ensure security during today's so-called Victory Day parade, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. "All necessary measures are being taken to ensure security, especially when foreign guests and our head of state will be participating in the parade. Everything required by law is being done for this purpose," Putin's mouthpiece said.

The guests are ordinary suspects from Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and other -istani. Meanwhile, driski parades and other vodka-telniakshki-dydydyvyaval events have been cancelled by as many as 21 Russian cities. The reason is hinted at and painted in very vague terms. The fear is that the events will become a target for "pro-Ukrainian saboteurs".

Delusions. Moscow has no pity whatsoever for its own citizens, who are daily becoming minced meat in Ukraine. The number of dead occupiers is about to exceed 200 000. The real reason is the lack of human and technical resources for parades in Russian cities. Quite simply, there is no military equipment and no uniformed men. As the saying goes, 'vsie ušli na front' (all have gone to the front).

Meanwhile, the Transnistrian separatists are asking Moscow to send more terrorist peacekeepers to the region, allegedly because of the increased risk to their security. Leonid Manakov, the head of the Transnistrian "representative office" in Russia created by Moscow, said that only about 450 "peacekeepers" are now deployed in Transnistria, while there should be at least 3 100.

The Kremlin, fearful of losing its influence in Moldova, is trying to destabilize the situation in the country in every possible way. However, such moves are akin to the barking of a dog running alongside a large caravan.

Berlin has banned the display of Russian flags and symbols at three Soviet memorials during the commemoration of the Second World War. Bravo. This example could be followed by other European countries, where bands of the Colorado element still roam.

Significant steps forward

Russia launched two waves of winged attacks on 9 May. 25 missiles were fired, 23 of which were shot down. Fifteen missiles were fired at Kyiv. All were shot down and there were no casualties.

The Russians are finding it increasingly difficult, or rather impossible, to break through Ukraine's air defense system. The Kremlin is launching daily missile attacks in order to stop, at least for a while, the planned Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Despite these efforts, there is panic in the areas occupied by the armed Wallahs. Huge traffic jams have formed at the Kerch bridge. For some reason, the bridge has been closed for some time. The Ukrainian side believes that the Russian occupiers intend to use the retreating population of the occupied territories as a "human shield".

This is most likely the case. The barbarians realize that the Ukrainian army will not target civilians because Russia has assigned itself this 'mission'.

The terrorist Russian state is also withdrawing the occupation administrations in Kherson. In Skadovsk and several other areas of Kherson oblast, they are being liquidated, according to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The FSB seems to have sufficient information that the storming of Crimea and the southern temporarily occupied areas of Ukraine is imminent.


NATO air policing units have been put on high alert after a Russian fighter jet almost collided with a Polish plane. "NATO air policing detachments have been put on high alert in response to the dangerous behavior of a Russian warplane in the vicinity of a Polish Frontex aircraft over the Black Sea near Romania," a NATO spokesman said.

Russia has started a forced mobilization of the population of occupied Mariupol. Conscription commissions have been set up in Mariupol. The occupiers are already searching for citizens not fulfilling their "military duty". The Muscovians plan to conscript local men by August.

The barbarians, having killed tens of thousands of local inhabitants, have decided to continue exterminating them by conscription.

The G7 countries have declared war on Putin's "shadow fleet". "The Financial Times reports that the G7 countries are working on measures to crack down on Russia's sanctions evasion. The countries intend to tackle the problem of manipulation of tanker transponders, which "switch off" at sea or fail to transmit data on ports of destination. One in three barrels, or more than 1 million barrels per day, is exported from Russian seaports under this regime. Around 600 tankers (10% of the world market) are used to transport Russian oil. Average oil "exports" from Russia over the last four weeks have reached 3.5 million barrels per day.

We are living in the time of the greatest crime thriller of all time. We have all seen films about the mafia, smugglers, and criminal cartels, who are dealt with by the local police at the end of the film, and now the world is dealing with, and never solving, the number one terrorist smuggler - Russia. And it should be dealt with in the same way as in the combat films.

In addition to the economic consequences, Putin's 'shadow fleet' could cause a terrible ecological disaster. As the shadow fleet grows, so does the risk of a technogenic disaster.

Putin's Russia is worse than a virus.


Taxes will not be raised for the weakest and most vulnerable.

Thank goodness the government has listened to our harsh criticism of tax reform, excise duties and other financially burdensome moves. Or maybe they heard the people, maybe rational thinking kicked in. After all, when taxes are raised, the financial burden is not on the shoulders of the richest, but on the shoulders of ordinary citizens. But the problem is that it is not ordinary people who sit and cry in the cabinet of ministers, but 'influencers' who are known to politicians down to the bone.

However, it is not big business that decides the structure of the political sky at election time, but ordinary people who remember all the wrongs. It is therefore very healthy and even necessary to meet and communicate as often as possible not with the party bubble, but with the people of Lithuania who live outside Vilnius.

This is what Dalia Grybauskaitė did, and what Algirdas Mykolas, an old functionary of the Communist Party and a mute of the nomenklatura, did. It may seem banal to some, but it is the only way to feel what the nation is breathing, to see people's faces, to talk to them.

Politicians are sometimes able to see people in this way, and people see that politicians are people too, even though they often look like stuffed animals.

In Lithuania, provocations have begun at the monuments of freedom fighters. We have no doubt that this is an organized action to arouse anger, to take revenge, and to deal with vandals. However, we must behave in a civilized manner, not let the elements run amok, and protect our memory by modern means.

In the photo, the armored vehicles of the Russian occupation forces have reached a new level.

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