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Geopolitical situation

President Volodymyr Zelensky, referring to the imminent counter-attack, told reporters: "We need a little more time. Not too much. We will be ready, you know, after a while. I want to be very honest with you, but I can't share some dates with you... We have no secrets from our friends, but we have some secrets from our "neighbors".

Few people around the world know when the great counter-offensive will start. It will start exactly when the Kremlin least expects it. That is why it is said: 'soon or in a few months'. Patience.

Yesterday, Hungary blocked part of the eighth European Peace Facility for Ukraine's armaments. This part amounts to EUR 500 million and was due to be disbursed next Monday. Budapest demanded "guarantees" that a peaceful "global" horizon would be preserved in the future and that the funds would not be used only to arm Kyiv.

We believe that pro-Kremlin, Orbanised Hungary will be sanctioned and will not receive billions of EU payments. Budapest is playing on the same team as Moscow, and the EU does not have the means or perhaps does not want to, to cut out the abscess from its midst. In the future, Westerners in exotic countries will not only have to dry their eggs on their beds but will also have to work diligently in the name of a harmonious partnership.

Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary-General of NATO, has said that NATO's 'immediate task' is to ensure that Ukraine wins the war against Russia. "NATO's task is essentially to support Ukraine, as NATO allies and NATO have been doing for more than a year, but also to prevent this war from spreading beyond Ukraine", the official said. The alliance leader also stated that it is important that Ukraine is armed to defend itself against Russian aggression now and in the future. "We don't know how this war will end, but we do know that when it does, it will be vital that we are able to prevent history from repeating itself," the head of the alliance added.

Holy Mary, full of God's grace!... who writes speeches for the NATO leader? "We don't know how the war will end". Maybe we should start wondering already? We don't know how it will end, but it will end. Someday. Somehow.

Yes, sooner or later everything will come to an end, the end of the world. But the leader of a military bloc must be as hard as flint and as sharp as a barber's knife. We, angry old grumblers, will not forget how, after the first day of the Russian invasion, Stoltenberg stammered and barked, saying that NATO would fight the aggressor with economic sanctions.

The German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has stated that some countries (India, South Africa, and Vietnam) see what they consider to be a 'double standard' on the part of the West with regard to the war in Ukraine. "They expect to be represented on an equal footing and to see an end to the West's double standards", he said. These claims must be taken into account if the West wants to "encourage" Asian, African, and American countries "to join us in building and defending a stable world order", the chancellor added.

As much as some may dislike some Asian and African countries, let us recognize that for many, this is a very distant part of the world, a source of clear water, palm trees, bamboo, cheap drink, and intimate adventures. For business corporations, it is a resource mill. But to have a resource owner as an ally, it is not enough just to milk it and enjoy watching the locals go crazy to get a Lithuanian tourist to open his magic euro-filled wallet.

The US State Department hopes to see a positive development during the visit of the Chinese Special Representative to Ukraine and Russia. "It is important for the PRC to hear directly from Ukraine's partners why Ukraine's security interests, as well as its sovereignty and territorial integrity, must be respected," says the department's Vedant Patel. "No one is more committed to ending this war than our Ukrainian partners," he said.

At the same time, Patel noted that while Russia should show an interest in ending this war, the aggressor country is doing the opposite.

Significant developments

Russia is in fact behaving in a manner completely contrary to common sense. In the early hours of the morning, Russian fascists launched a massive air strike on Kyiv. This time it was exceptional in its density, with a large number of missiles fired in a very short time. All regions of the country were put on air alert and loud explosions were heard in Kiev.

"This time, the enemy launched a simultaneous complex attack from different directions, using unmanned aerial vehicles, cruise missiles, and probably ballistic missiles. It was exceptional in its density - the highest number of attacking missiles in the shortest time," said Sergei Popko, head of the city's military administration.

According to preliminary data, the Ukrainian Air Defence Forces have destroyed the vast majority of Russian death-dealing objects in Kyiv airspace. Debris fell in several neighborhoods, and non-residential premises and car equipment were on fire, but casualties were avoided.

We dare say that if Israel's retaliatory strikes on Hamas sectors in the Gaza Strip are controversial, then Kyiv's retaliatory strikes on Moscow would be a very healthy inoculation for the Russians. The fascist virus would be reduced.

The Ukrainian army has advanced up to 2 kilometers on the flanks around Bakhmut in the last two days, according to Serhiy Cherevaty, spokesman for the Eastern Group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"The enemy is resisting fiercely. During this day 34 military clashes took place in the direction of Bakhmut, 479 times the enemy shelled our positions with various systems and various artillery. There were 4 air strikes. During the battles, our troops managed to destroy 149 invaders, 160 were wounded and 6 were captured", - says Cherevaty.

In addition to Storm Shadow cruise missiles, the UK will reportedly send hundreds of air defense missiles and attack drones to Ukraine. This is a very important step as it means that the UK is going further than any other country in providing arms to Ukraine on the eve of a major counter-attack.

The Kremlin views British assistance as "extremely negative". The Kremlin says that London's decisions "may not have any significant impact on the course of the special military operation, but it will lead to the further destruction of the country. For Ukraine, this further complicates the story".

There is hardly a greater idiot than Putin who would have so complicated and fucked up not only Russia's history but also its culture - the remnants of what was still relatively acceptable - for at least a hundred years to come.


Igor Kornet, the so-called head of the "LNR Ministry of the Interior", flew into the air yesterday. The figure was seriously injured in an explosion at a hairdresser's in occupied Luhansk.

This is how the ground must explode and burn under the feet of the occupiers.

Belarusian TV channels showed Alexander Lukashenko, who has not been seen alive since the parade on 9 May. "Batka stood in the frame for just a few seconds without saying a word. His left arm was bandaged. A minute-long video of Lukashenko telling the Belarusian army to be on high alert was later released.

The United Nations calls on Russia and Ukraine to agree on a further Black Sea grain supply agreement after talks stalled last week. US Deputy UN Ambassador Robert Wood said that Russia is to blame for the failure to extend the Black Sea grain deal so far and that Russia has no interest in negotiating an extension of the grain deal.

Quite right. Russia has an interest in the millions of starving refugees who are ravaging Europe.


The Lithuanian media "monsters" are full of colorful headlines about travel, adventure, and oral sex. War is getting very boring. People want to live, have fun, unload, boisterous, boisterous. Forget.

And when, if not now?

How fun to go to the countryside, lounge around all weekend, play boom-boom, scream at the top of your lungs, swear, and roll around in a daze!

Just kidding. This is not relaxation. It is the state of a macaque that has not come close to the animal. It is, by the way, exactly the same as that of the so-called vatniks in our country. They all have a common denominator, they can all be described in one word: shivering. And although they may wear rings and bracelets, the most luxurious drapes, and drive electric Porsches, their barbarian worldview and the circle of their lives revolve around a single circle of driskis: drink - sleep - fart.

We bring silence, peace of mind, and soul through our active training.

In this photo, a Ukrainian soldier gives a drink to a Russian prisoner of war near the front line in the town of Bakhmut May 11, 2023 /Serhiy Nuzhnenko, REUTERS/

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