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Political strategic level
The European Union supports the Ukrainian peace formula (withdrawal of the Russian army) and is ready to work for the implementation of all ten points and the holding of a Peace Summit, said European Council President Charles Michel. "Today we are clear about two things. The first message to all the people of Ukraine is that the European Union will support you in all directions. We are not intimidated, we are not afraid of the Kremlin because Ukraine and the EU are one family. The second message is that Ukraine's future is definitely in the European Union," said Michel.
"We will continue to help you win on the battlefield," he assured.
The EU leaders' visit to Kyiv took place amid air raid sirens. It shows that there is less and less flinching at the Kremlin's threats, and that Ukraine is considered part of the European Community, which is not about to be given over to the Russian bear to tear apart.
Russian Foreign Terror Minister Lavrov has had his valves blown. He called the leaders of the Western countries 'bandits'. The war criminal says that the world is increasingly seeing that no one is immune from Western banditry. "The US and its NATO satellites have completely undermined their reputation as reliable international partners who can get along," Lavrov frothed, taking a dig at Führer Putin and praising him for his "apt" description of the West as an "empire of lies".
"Together with like-minded people, we are striving to transfer international payments into national currencies, to create alternative payment and logistics systems, so that we do not depend on the whims and dictates of a self-proclaimed hegemonic country. Overall, we seek to create a more equitable global monetary, financial, trade and economic architecture that objectively contributes to the fight against the new manifestations of neo-colonialism," the spires of hatred glisten from the mouth of Putler's pusher.
It turns out that Russia is fighting for its independence from US hegemony. Once Russia has won complete independence from the West, it will become a completely independent, useless, stinking waste.
Berlin has approved plans by the German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall to sell Kyiv dozens of old Leopard 1 tanks from 1965-1979, after refurbishment, for more than €100 million. It is said that this could lead to supply problems as the Leopard 1s are no longer in production and have a different gun calibre (105mm) from the newer Leopard 2s (120mm).
"The Leopard 1 is no match for the Soviet T-72 on the battlefield, but a tank is a tank, and can crush automatic-armed Drisks. In addition, Germany agreed in January to send Ukraine 14 Leopard 2 tanks, which are much more modern, although not the latest modification.
We need to learn entrepreneurship from the Germans. Maybe we can find some World War II Tigers cheaply in warehouses somewhere, dust them off and offer to buy 10 of them for half a billion. Antiques, after all, are getting more expensive.
Norway has decided to order 54 German Leopard 2 tanks to strengthen its defence capabilities, the Norwegian government announced on Friday. The tanks are expected to be delivered in 2026, with an option for 18 more units.
Someone asked us, or rather said, that the West is lying to Russia about sending 140 tanks to Ukraine because there are already "thousands of state-of-the-art tanks" there. It is not forbidden for anyone to dream, but the reality is that the NATO countries themselves do not have this powerful heavy equipment.
William Burns, the head of the CIA, has said that another turning point is coming in the Ukraine war. According to the US intelligence chief, every month means that Russia risks losing new territory in Ukraine with Western help. Burns believes that Putin is trying to make time work in his favour because he thinks the US will become distracted and Europe will become politically fatigued by the war in Ukraine. The CIA chief believes that this calculation is as wrong as the decision to go to war on 24 February last year.
Putting aside the unrealistic plans for a Ukrainian victory, Russia's impotent trampling and fiddling on the ground is already a clear defeat for the Kremlin. Ukraine now needs to stand its ground and wait for frontline high-precision weapons, such as ground-launched, small-diameter, longer-range bombs that can reach a target 150 km away.
The US and China are locked in a "hot air balloon" conflict. A Chinese balloon has flown into US territory and is drifting towards the US east coast. According to United States intelligence, it is a reconnaissance balloon. It was proposed to be shot down. However, the structure underneath the suspected Chinese spy balloon is the length of three city buses and could cause injury if it falls, so these plans have been abandoned for the time being.
Meanwhile, China's Foreign Ministry claims that the balloon entered US airspace as a result of an accident. It is a civilian airship used for research purposes that simply veered off course.
Beijing is successfully learning the art of lying from Moscow.
Operational level
It's going to be a hot February.
The debate is getting louder about the realistic scenario the West is preparing for: to help Ukraine resist the invader, or to push Russia out of all its territory and ensure Putin's defeat.
Unfortunately, at this stage, there cannot even be any question of pushing Russia out of Ukrainian territory. It would be ideal to hold back the Mordor hordes in the Donbas and prepare for an attack. Given the data that the Drisks may soon concentrate up to half a million pieces of live meat on the front line, it will take time to clear the country's countryside of such a large number of locusts.
Andriy Yusov, a Ukrainian intelligence spokesman, says that Putin has a goal of taking the Donbas by March. Andriy Chernyak, another representative of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence's Main Intelligence Directorate, notes that the Russian occupation forces are redeploying additional assault groups, units, weapons and military equipment to the east.
The number of Russian ships capable of launching missiles into Ukrainian territory from the Black Sea has increased. The 10 ships include 2 Kalibr carriers. They can launch 16 cruise missiles at a time. Russian unmanned aerial vehicles have intensified their airborne movements, indicating that preparations for missile strikes are clearly under way.
However, Zelensky has stated that there is no intention to withdraw from Bakhmut. If the arms deliveries are accelerated, the Ukrainians will not only not retreat, but will start the liberation of the Donbass, the President promised.
Although the Zaporizhzhya region is crawling with Diaspora fighters who want to launch an offensive, it is believed that this horde is the weakest and can be quickly blown to pieces. In the south, the Russians are poorly equipped technically, so if an intensive offensive starts in the east, the logistical support here will be even weaker.
The logical thing to do would be to strike the Ukrainians from the south. However, it seems that we will have to wait for support. And it is on its way.
Last night, the US Department of Defence announced a new aid package worth USD 2.2 billion for Ukraine. The package includes: Javelin anti-tank missiles, conventional and long-range missiles for HIMARS, 120 mm mortar shells; 155 mm artillery shells; 181 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected and Protected (MRAP) vehicles; 190 heavy machine guns with thermal imaging sights and suitable anti-drone ammunition, Claymore anti-tank ammunition; 2 000 anti-tank missiles; two HAWK surface-to-air missile launchers; detonating ammunition; anti-aircraft weapons and ammunition.
Since the Russian invasion, the US has provided Ukraine with military assistance totalling around USD 30 billion.
Tactical level
Over the past day, the occupiers have carried out 20 air strikes and 3 missile strikes, including on civilian infrastructure in the Kharkiv and Mykolaiv regions. Civilian casualties. More than 90 shelling attacks were carried out with rocket fire systems.
The threat of Russian air and missile strikes continues throughout Ukraine.
Units of the Ukrainian Defence Forces repelled attacks by the invaders in all areas.
The occupiers are reportedly evacuating collaborators from some of the occupied territories of Luhansk oblast. There may be indications of an offensive by the Ukrainian army.
Over the past day, Ukrainian military aviation has carried out 8 strikes against the occupiers' human and technical assets. 4 Orlan-10 aircraft were destroyed. Ukrainian rockets and shells hit a Driski checkpoint, 2 enemy live-fire centres and a heavy artillery system.
Pete Reed, founder of Global Response Management and a member of the Global Outreach Doctors mission in Ukraine, was killed in Bakhmut yesterday. The US volunteer was killed while providing assistance.
Photo: Russian State Duma deputy Maxim Ivanov proposes mobilising the unemployed "instead of valuable workers".
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