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Political strategic level

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will visit Warsaw this week. He intends to meet with political leaders as well as ordinary Ukrainians and Poles. The visit is scheduled for Wednesday and the President will be accompanied by his wife Olena Zelenska.

According to Mr Przydaczo, Head of the International Bureau of Polish President Duda, the two Heads of State will discuss security issues, regional policy, economic cooperation, the historical relations between the two neighbours, as well as the transit of Ukrainian grain and other agricultural products through Poland.

Afterwards, Mr Zielinski will meet with Ukrainians and Poles at the Royal Palace in Warsaw. Zelensky says he wants to thank ordinary Poles for their help to Ukrainians.

But meeting ordinary Poles may not be easy. Kremlin agents and the fifth column in Warsaw are working hard to turn Poles against Zelensky and Ukraine. Polish farmers are being encouraged to protest against falling grain and produce prices and a shortage of storage facilities. The situation is blamed on a huge flow of production from Ukraine, which was destined for transit to third country markets, but which has been held up in Poland for unclear reasons.

Moscow is also working hard to deepen the confrontation over historical issues. The issue of Stepan Bandera is being raised again, which is said to be the cause of the bloodshed between Poles and Ukrainians who lived before the Second World War in the former Polish territory, which is now western Ukraine.

Despite the appearance of strained relations, Russia has not succeeded in sabotaging Poland's policy towards Ukrainian refugees. More than 1.5 million Ukrainian refugees have registered and are now living safely in Poland, fleeing the Russian genocide.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said yesterday that the Western allies have already sent €65 billion in military aid to Ukraine. With Russia continuing its brutal invasion and the mirage of peace talks dissipating after the visit of China's Xi to Moscow, the Alliance is ready to step up its aid.

"We cannot allow Russia to continue to encroach on Europe's security," Stoltenberg told a press conference in Brussels, adding that "there is no sign that Putin is preparing for peace. He is preparing for an even bigger war".

NATO foreign ministers meeting in Brussels today will discuss how they can increase their support, including further strengthening of Ukraine's armed forces. Mr Stoltenberg pledged that "our support is long term."

In addition, Finland will become a NATO member today. The military alliance will welcome Finland as its 31st member at a flag-raising ceremony at NATO headquarters on the outskirts of Brussels. Finnish President Sauli Niinisto and his government ministers will also attend the ceremony.

"This will be a good day for the security of Finland, the Nordic countries and NATO as a whole," Mr Stoltenberg said yesterday.

Putin's war crimes and genocide, however, have strengthened both the Alliance and our security. The blood and will of the Ukrainians to defend their freedom and strengthen our security also marks a change in Western thinking over the years. With the spectacles of oil and gas having fallen off, the German and the Italian are finally seeing Russia for what it is - bayoneting the children of mothers who were raped dead before.

At the same time, the Speaker of the so-called parliament of terrorist Russia declared yesterday that Western leaders have blood on their hands for their support for Ukrainian President Zelensky and that this support has created a 'terrorist state' in the centre of Europe.

The Kremlin's propaganda classic of blaming others for what you are yourself has not worked for a long time. The West not only understands and identifies Russia as a terrorist state. The international arrest warrant issued for the world's No 1 terrorist proves that they are ready to act.

Yesterday, Russian regime hit squads arrested a young woman accused of bombing a café in St Petersburg. It killed pro-Kremlin military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky, whose real name was Maxim Fomin. The woman, identified by FSB agents as Darya Trepova, says in a video released to the Russian public that she "brought a statue" into the café, which "later exploded". When asked if she knows what she was arrested for, she says that she was "in the place" where the explosion took place.

The FSB circus to mobilise the Drisks and continue the war in Ukraine continues.

Operational level

The Ukrainian army is already prepared for a counter-attack, having received weapons from the Western allies and created assault units. One of the main challenges of the operation will be to compensate for losses and to keep the Ukrainian defenders motivated after a year of war.

According to The New York Times, the upcoming offensive will test how well the Ukrainian battalions can be re-equipped and rebuilt, while retaining the motivation and skills that gave them the edge in the past.

"Ukraine's success in fighting on the south-eastern plains would demonstrate to the world the decline of Russian military power, ease concerns that the war has become 'stalemated', and probably encourage Ukraine's allies to continue to arm and fund Kiev," the text says.

Without waiting for an offensive, Ukrainian traitors who helped the occupiers in the temporarily occupied territories are preparing for evacuation. Viktor Dudkalov, deputy chairman of the Berdyansk district council, told Espresso that they have already started moving out.

"We have information that panic is starting among the collaborators. All their statements about 'there is no panic' are no longer in doubt. Therefore, the collaborators <...> are packing their suitcases and preparing to evacuate. Some of them are already buying cars to escape Ukrainian justice. The collaborators are starting to take their property and family members out of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine," said Dudkalov.

The traitors have already forgotten about their future in the occupied areas of Ukraine. They are convinced that the flight of the Drisks and the liberation of the territories is a question of the near future.

Russia has already destroyed or damaged some 1 190 Ukrainian cultural sites in more than a year. As reported by the Office of the President of Ukraine, the Head of State held talks with the visiting Director-General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, in the Chernihiv region.

Mr Zelensky noted that Russia's membership of UNESCO is unacceptable and that it is essential that the organisation responds clearly and firmly to the Russian Federation's war against Ukraine.

Russia must be expelled from UNESCO. It is surprising that this has not been done so far.

Tactical level

The Russian occupiers attacked Odessa and the Odessa region overnight with drone strikes. Of the 17 "Shakheds", the Ukrainian air defence forces destroyed 14 - one over Mykolaiv region and 13 in the skies over Odessa. One drone hit a civilian infrastructure facility, but no casualties appear to have been avoided.

During the previous day, the enemy fired 3 missiles and 21 air strikes, and fired 33 salvoes.

The Ukrainian Defence Forces repelled 69 attacks by the invaders in the vicinities of Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Maryinka.

In isolated settlements in the Kachovsk district of Kherson region, the Russian occupiers continue to put pressure on the local population. On 2 April, people were forbidden to leave their premises and homes. During the day, all public places were closed: supermarkets, shops, hospitals, etc. In some villages in the area, pensioners are queuing up to receive their pensions, and there is not enough money for everyone.

The Ukrainian Defence Air Force struck 5 air strikes on the concentration points of the occupying forces' personnel and military equipment. A Russian reconnaissance drone was shot down and artillery shells hit a concentration area of the Drisks.


Salome Zurabishvili, President of the Republic of Sakartveland, visits the country. The two tallest - not in height - officials in Lithuania have cancelled their obligatory meetings with her. The official comments after the meetings smack of terrible boredom and apathy.

We are only just willing to blow on the sparks that are about to burst into flakes.

Do you want to join the EU and NATO? Why not start by imposing sanctions on Führer Putin and terrorist Russia, together with the other Western countries?

Pictured here is a flagpole for the Finnish flag between the French and Estonian flags outside NATO headquarters in Brussels. (AP Photo/Virginia Mayo)

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