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Geopolitical situation

Yesterday the Kremlin was spitting fire for allegedly attacking the Russian heartland in an attempt to assassinate Putin. Moscow claims that two drones were shot down over the Kremlin, but there were no casualties.

"The Kremlin regards the attempted strike by the Kyiv regime as a planned terrorist action and an assassination attempt on the Russian President on the eve of Victory Day," Führer Putin's propaganda service said in a statement.

The alcoholic Medvedev announced that "after today's terrorist attack, which probably means a drone strike on the Kremlin, Russia is left with no option but to physically remove Mr Zelensky and his clique".

The drone attack on the Russian President's residence, which the authorities called an "assassination attempt" and a "terrorist attack", "marks a new stage in the war", said Oleg Morozov, Chairman of the Duma Control Committee.

Other Russian Duma deputies have called for an increase in the number of strikes against Ukraine following the drone attack. Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin stated that deputies "will demand the use of weapons capable of stopping and destroying the Kyiv terrorist regime". A "terrorist attack" on Putin is an "attack on Russia", Volodin explained, adding that "no negotiations" with the Ukrainian President "can take place".

"This is a very real casus belli - an opportunity for war. A very real war and the liquidation of the top Ukrainian terrorists. We have to hit their bunkers with everything we have", said another FSB readout, MP Mironov.

MP Zhuravlyov stated that "we need to target the centre of Kyiv. Destroy the presidential palace, destroy the Verkhovna Rada, the General Staff, the buildings that house the Ukrainian special services". "There are terrorists in Kyiv and, as you know, negotiations with them are pointless. They only need to be destroyed, swiftly and ruthlessly. The time has come to hit Zelensky's residence in Kyiv with a missile", MP Sheremet bitterly said.

We will not quote other statements, soaked in the fury of the Kremlin's clowns, calling for Ukraine to be declared a terrorist country. We are certain that this military psychological operation was devised by two Kremlin FSB stooges, Putin and Patrushev. Neither Kyiv nor the Russian partisans have put a finger on it.

However, the situation is dangerous, because Kremlin strategists have once again spoken openly about the use of a weapon to destroy the 'Kyiv regime'. That weapon, as you understand, is a nuclear one. The Kremlin may try to use it as a pre-emptive attack, to stop the Ukrainian counter-offensive and to negotiate with Kyiv in the current battlefield positions. Although the word 'nuclear' itself is not mentioned, it is between the lines.

Moscow sees this move as the only, temporary solution to freeze the war. Another possible move is the general mobilisation of Rasiej.

So we are certainly not joining the ranks of those who are enjoying the fire in the Kremlin. That is not only foolish but also very short-sighted. All this jousting is a planned and very dangerous operation by Moscow.

The US Secretary of State said that Ukraine has the right to decide how to defend itself, commenting on the alleged drone attack on the Kremlin. Incidentally, Mr Blinken is sceptical about the veracity of the Kremlin's claims of an alleged "assassination attempt" on Mr Putin.

In this way, Washington is showing that it would not be angry if Kyiv were to strike directly at Russia's heart with the necessary long-range missiles.

It would be good if the US also returned the nuclear arsenal to Ukraine.

Significant steps forward

Overnight, 24 Shahed-136/131 drones attacked the north, south and centre of Ukraine. 18 drones were shot down. Kyiv was additionally shelled with ballistic missiles. All occupiers' installations were destroyed by air defence forces.

The Kremlin, in "revenge" for its own provocation in Moscow, also bombarded Kherson with missiles. At least 21 people were killed and 48 others were injured. A railway station and level crossing, a house, a construction shop, a grocery store and a petrol station were bombed.

Zelensky is confident that Ukraine will soon receive Western fighter jets, but it needs to show success on the battlefield. He said this during a press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto. "In this war, we have to constantly prove on the battlefield. First, we go forward, we show that we cannot be defeated in three days, then they give us some weapons, then we go forward again, we ask for long-range artillery, and this happens in different ways. Again we are struggling, but nevertheless, after that, we are given the appropriate weapons. Why am I convinced that we will have aircraft? Because we are preparing to launch an attack. And after that, I am sure that we will be given the planes," said the Ukrainian President.


Ukraine's Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikoff, referring to the counter-attack, said: "We are approaching the finishing line where we can say "everything is ready".

Major General Viktor Yagun, a retired Major General of the SBU of Ukraine, says that
Russia no longer has the resources to fight, so it is trying to attract resources from other countries. "They have a huge mobilisation reserve. But these people need something to wear, shoes to put on, weapons to arm themselves... And the most important thing is to find the commanders, to feed them with something", said the former official.

According to the retired general, Moscow is dragging Soviet junk into the war in Ukraine even from Africa.

Various experts who call themselves "opponents" of the Kremlin claim that the Kremlin is setting the Russians up for defeat. Putin may end the war in Ukraine and withdraw from the occupied country.

These post-truths remind us of Shakherazade's fairy tales, alas, created in the fairy-tale department of Lyubianka Krylov. Moscow will never withdraw from the territories it has declared part of Russia. We advise you to be very cautious about the scenarios painted by the Russian agency that calls itself 'opposition' to the end of the war.


Various cultural figures from Russia are entering the country, speaking out against Putin but in favor of imperialist policies and bringing 'russkij mir'. Some are calling for them to be stopped, and others are asking for the Russian liberal democratic spirit and culture to be allowed to spread.

We would like to make it clear once again that in today's terrorist totalitarian Russia, there is not a single genuine dissident or democrat. Consequently, all those who come here must be regarded as emissaries of the special services until proven otherwise.

All the real opponents of the Russian regime are either underground or in hiding in exile, and they are not playing in the studios of the television stations and portals.

So, when we welcome any prominent figure from Moscow, we are letting in a person controlled by the FSB, the SVR, or the GRU, most likely with an assigned mission.

Unfortunately, we are still blind and vulnerable to the Kremlin's soft powers.

In the photo, the 32nd Separate Mechanised Brigade has equipped itself with drones.

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