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Geopolitical situation

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has stated that he is confident that Ukraine is ready to regain more territory in preparation for an expected counter-attack against Russian forces. The Alliance leader also repeated the mantra of Ukraine's membership of NATO. Ukraine's victory and Ukraine's membership of NATO are becoming a common prayer of the strategists of the supposed 'positive' end of the war, repeated so often because it pleases the masses. It is a reflection of the hope of millions.

Well, it is better to look forward to a brighter than a darker future. Victory.

According to Jens Stoltenberg, the battle in Ukraine is turning into a logistical war. The NATO leader noted that Germany and the United States have provided several Patriot air defence batteries, which, he said, are already 'operational in Ukraine'. He refused to give further details or the exact number of Patriot systems delivered.

Stoltenberg added that the Alliance's current focus is on securing Ukraine's victory, and that once the war is over, it will seek to ensure that Kiev has a "deterrent force to prevent further attacks".

We would add that one or more Patriot systems are not capable of defending a major Ukrainian city, let alone Kyiv. Since the Lithuanian fairy tale has claimed that Patriot will cover the entire sky of Ukraine, we will remind you that even NATO countries do not have enough air defence systems to protect their strategic facilities from attacks by terrorists like Putin's Russia.

However, what is really important in this war is the logistical supply chain, which cannot be broken or weakened in order to achieve victory.

Significant boosts

The Ukrainian Defence Staff reports that fierce fighting is taking place in Bakhmut, but that the enemy is advancing in some areas.

It seems to us so far that it was more appropriate to withdraw from Bakhmut, which is almost lost, and to concentrate on striking back the Driski hordes, without wasting resources on holding them in one place. But of course the Ukrainians know better what they are doing and are adopting the tactic of "outflanking the enemy" to prevent the Russians from advancing.

Lieutenant General Ihor Romanenko, a Ukrainian military analyst, argues that an offensive between the eastern cities of Severodonetsk and Kremin could be fatal for the entire Donbas region. "If we act there, the enemy would have to leave Bakhmut," says the former Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian army.

A push south would be more difficult, he said, but would mean the gradual liberation of Crimea.

While the fighting was taking place in Bakhmut, the Russians had significantly reinforced the defence of their southern flank. According to the General, it would make sense to invade the western regions of Russia, especially Bryansk, which would draw away a large part of the Russian forces and sow panic among ordinary Russians. However, the West is opposed to such a bold move.

The fear is that Moscow would resort to nuclear escalation if Kiev enters Russian territory.

Leaked "secret" US documents allegedly reveal that the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence's Main Intelligence Directorate was preparing strikes against Russian troops and the Wagner group in Syria. The military operation was allegedly planned by Volodymyr Zelensky himself. Ukrainian forces allegedly planned the strikes against Russian forces in order to disperse the concentration and direction of Russian troops.

Attacks were planned against "priority" Russian targets near Damascus, as well as against "Russian-linked oil infrastructure" in central Syria, which is poorly protected by anti-aircraft defences. These plans are reportedly abandoned for the time being, possibly because of US interests in the region. Ukraine's strikes would provoke retaliation from Russia.

Be that as it may, this fact demonstrates the growing and strengthening potential of Ukraine's military intelligence to operate beyond its territory.


The United States has trained and provided equipment to personnel of nine Ukrainian mechanised brigades, the head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, said. The nine brigades are "complete, equipped and ready for combat operations", the General said. "So whenever and wherever Ukraine chooses to use them, we will continue to provide support, and I am confident in our chances of success," Milley concluded.

These brigades, trained to the highest NATO standards, are set to become the future of the Ukrainian army.

Zelensky imposed new sanctions on 300 individuals and 141 entities. The list includes Syria's Bashar al-Assad and the Iranian manufacturer Shahed.

Ukraine has high hopes for the 11th Ramstein meeting, which is taking place today. The Pentagon has identified key priorities for future arms supplies to Ukraine. "We all believe that air defence systems are now most needed by Ukraine to defend itself against massive Russian missile attacks. We will emphasise this as priority number 1, especially in the short term," said Lloyd Austin.

"Many participants at the current meeting supported the proposal for air defence missiles and other heavy weapons," said the US Defence Secretary.

We want to join with you in welcoming this kind of support from NATO and the West, which has changed radically during the war years. We remember well how last year Zelensky begged for arms to help cover the Ukrainian skies. Today, Ukraine already has these weapons. This is extremely important. It is a huge victory.


According to the latest data on the so-called happiness index, Lithuania is in 20th place. We have overtaken countries such as Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia and France.

The calculations and philosophy of the Happiness Index are based on unemployment, economic growth, psychological state and other aspects. We have no doubt that many people smile at these calculations and some have exclaimed in surprise: "this is nonsense!"

Let us not rush to judge and put our subjective assessment on the shelf. After all, everything depends on the conditional "how I feel". The "si" in slang means that feeling depends on our own thinking and perception of the world. Hence, the feeling of happiness or unhappiness is something we can create ourselves. It doesn't matter how we react to the environment.

On this warm and sunny weekend, we wish you to reject all that is black and embrace only what is light. Inner light is the true light and happiness.

Pictured here, members of the US 10th Air and Missile Defense Command stand next to a Patriot surface-to-air missile battery during NATO's Tobruq Legacy 2017 exercise at Šiauliai Air Force Base. (AP Photo/Mindaugas Kulbis, File)

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