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Political strategic level
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen expressed her support for the initiative to prosecute Russian President Vladimir Putin for crimes against Ukraine. According to the EC, a special tribunal is needed to prosecute crimes of Russian aggression. An agreement is also expected to be signed on the establishment of an International Centre for the Prosecution of Crimes of Aggression in The Hague.
Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, stressed that it is only a matter of time before a special tribunal on Putin's responsibility for war crimes is established. "Without this, we will not have peace. If we do not find a legal solution, then we will disappoint Ukraine and everyone in the world who wants to ensure that the crimes of aggression committed in Europe are brought to light and the perpetrators are punished," said the EP President.
Western leaders want to somehow convict Putin and, at the same time, somehow save Putin. Because if they want Putin and his collective heads, they need to plan for the seizure of Moscow and direct war with Russia. Without this, all the plans and all the fine words are a meaningless circus for the plebs.
The message that the Ukrainian authorities knew that the so-called 'Russian Volunteer Corps' would cross the border from the Ukrainian side and enter the territory of the Bryansk region is being successfully spread. In this way, it is claimed that the "terrorist attack" on Russian territory, which was carried out by Russian citizens and allegedly resulted in the death of two civilians and the wounding of a minor, was carried out with the knowledge of Kyiv.
It was coincidental or planned that Putin signed a soap order 'On some issues concerning the implementation of measures of economic activity for defence industry orders'. The document unequivocally refers to preparations for a general state of war and the seizure of the country's industry and business for state (military) use.
Dasha Navalnaya, the daughter of imprisoned Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny, yesterday wrote a message to Putin: "He should put an end to this incredibly unnecessary and terrible invasion of Ukraine, release my father and all Russian political prisoners who are simply fighting for a better, democratic and prosperous country. And that until these two main objectives, among others, are achieved, we will not stop fighting."
Putin read the letter, thought deeply, burst into tears and, as it were, released Navalny. Just kidding. Navalny is one of Putin's possible replacements, beloved by millions of Russians, not hiding his imperialist ambitions, fighting the Putin regime.
Russia's revenues from the energy sector are reported to have fallen by almost half last month, as gas exports to Europe fell. Price caps and sanctions imposed by Western countries have significantly reduced Moscow's revenues. Russia's revenues from oil and gas sales fell by 46% year-on-year to $6.91 billion in February, according to Bloomberg.
This is a significant loss for Russia, which derives half of its budget revenues from the energy sector. But the vast majority of the Russian population does not care. For them, there is one formula for life - "Vsio dlia fronta! Vsio dlia pobiedy!" (Everything for the front. Everything for victory.)
Russia has announced that it intends to preserve the damaged Nord Stream pipelines to Europe as it has no plans to repair them. There is no need to close a broken pipeline, but it is necessary for the Kremlin to state that it will no longer trade gas with Europe. Russia's Gazprom has stated that it is technically possible to rebuild the blown pipelines, but there is no point in doing so as Moscow sees little hope of repairing relations with the West.
And thank goodness. Driskis, turn all your conches, pipes and other crap 180 degrees and plough on eastwards. From now on, that is your new home. May the suburbs of Ulaanbaatar and Shanghai be full of eerie "rublevka" style villas.
The German military concern Rheinmetall has started negotiations for the construction of a tank factory in Ukraine. It is said that the plant would cost around €200 million and would be protected from Russian air strikes by anti-aircraft defences.
Bravo! Is this not what Scholz and Biden agreed on in Washington? A military factory in Ukraine for a NATO country is something that is needed diplomatically more than Leopards. A military factory means not only investment and direct support, but also personnel, security, specialists who will come from the NATO bloc. Finally, the tanks themselves.
It is estimated that the plant could produce up to 400 Panther KF51 tanks a year. Ukraine currently needs between 600 and 800 tanks to make a breakthrough on the front. "Even if Germany were to provide all 300 Leopard 2 tanks that the Bundeswehr has, it would still be too few," says the Rheinmetall CEO.
Here is the answer to all those who ask us why Ukraine is not launching a powerful offensive. For the question from journalists and "experts", "when will Ukraine attack", we have a counter-question, "with what?" There are now 14 Leopards in Ukraine, but no amount of thought-control sticks can knock out of a person's head the "knowledge" that there are thousands of Western tanks in Ukraine. The British newspaper The Times estimates that some 50 of the promised fighting vehicles could reach the front lines by early April.
In a state of alcoholic intoxication, Dmitry Medvedev, deputy head of the Russian Security Council, called the news of the construction of a tank factory in Ukraine "trolling" and promised that "the event will be duly marked by calibre fireworks and other pyrotechnics".
Operational level
No major changes.
The Kremlin reported that Russian Terror Minister Sergei Shoigu was on the front line in Eastern Ukraine inspecting Russian forces. Shoigu thanked the troops for their exemplary performance in fertilising the Ukrainian soil in the special military operation zone. Shoigu awarded the Gold Star, the Order of Courage, the Order of St George and the Medal of Valour to some of the soldiers who died.
This spectacle is a "masterly" demonstration of power in the seized territories.
Christopher Kavol, Commander-in-Chief of NATO forces in Europe, stated that Russia has lost more than 200 000 people killed or wounded in Ukraine. He said that the scale of the war against Ukraine was incredible and that the Russians had lost more than 2 000 tanks. According to Kristofer, NATO has to adapt to a new reality after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Oh yes! This war is very real. Absolutely real, with blood, corpses, pus, severed limbs. Not on paper, not on a computer screen. And although it is taking place on Ukrainian soil, it is at war with Western civilisation, the guarantor of whose security is NATO.
Yesterday, Mr Prigozhin, the commander of the Russian mercenary-prisoners, announced that his forces had almost completely surrounded the city. According to Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the Head of the Ukrainian President's Office, the Ukrainian armed forces have not yet left Bakhmut. Fighting is still taking place there. Podoliak stressed that even if the front line in the Bakhmut region shifts by one kilometre, this will not affect the overall situation. The situation has been stable and difficult for several months now, with intense fighting and street battles.
It is possible that Kyiv has set itself the task of holding Bakhmut until the planned offensive in April.
Certainly the loss of Bakhmut will have no impact on the future course of the war. We find it a little strange to be so adamant about holding on to positions at all costs, without regard for the lives of our own troops. It is understandable to want to keep up the fighting spirit, but Ukraine is not just about buildings and not just about land, but above all about people and their lives. The land will be regained. Lives will not.
Ukraine will reportedly receive twice as many Challenger 2 tanks from Britain as London has promised since the negotiations began. Britain promised Ukraine 14 Challenger 2 tanks, but after President Volodymyr Zelensky's visit to Britain in February, it was agreed to double this number.
Finland has started building a fence on its border with Russia. We would propose that a huge hood be built to enclose the whole of Mordor in impenetrable armour.
Tactical level
In the past day, the Russo-fascists have launched 6 missile attacks, 24 air strikes and more than 65 attacks on Ukraine with volley rocket systems. The attacks have killed and injured civilians.
The threat of missile attacks remains high throughout Ukraine.
The most active missile strikes are in the Kupyansk, Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Shakhtarsk axes. Yesterday, Ukrainian troops repelled more than 130 Russian attacks on the above-mentioned frontlines.
Over the past day, the Ukrainian Air Force launched 18 air strikes against the concentration points of the occupying forces' personnel and military equipment, as well as 2 strikes against anti-aircraft missile systems, a Driski ammunition depot and a bridge. Ukrainian defenders shot down 4 reconnaissance and combat drones.
Rocket and artillery units struck 3 enemy meat-pits, 2 anti-aircraft missile system positions and 2 electronic warfare positions.
The Battle of Bakhmut can be seen as a heroic defence by the Ukrainians, halting the Russian westward thrust and hampering their actions on other parts of the front. But equally, we can say that by massing their forces in one place, the Ukrainians not only lost large numbers of troops and equipment, but it is possible that tactical actions had operational consequences and delayed or stopped the planned offensive in the east.
The latest news from the ruins of this town is that the only retreat route for the Ukrainians from Bakhmut, is the T0504 towards Ivanivske which Russians want to take over or at least partially control. The Wagner marauders have already tried to storm this settlement at least twenty times, and have been beaten back every time. However, Korsunskiy Avenue, coming from Bakhmut and joining the T0504 motorway, is probably already in Russian hands.
The photo shows Russian mercenaries inspecting the blown-up bridge over the Bachmutskoye river.
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