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Political strategic level
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has stated that the shelling of Ukraine by Russian missiles into the airspace of Moldova and Romania is a challenge to NATO.
"Several Russian missiles flew through the airspace of Moldova and Romania. More proof that terror has no borders and never will. More proof that defending Ukraine means defending the whole of Europe and the world, every country that wants to live. Today's missiles are a challenge to NATO, to collective security, a terror that can and must be stopped, the world must stop," the President said.
The Moldovan Ministry of Defence confirmed that a Russian missile violated the country's airspace.
Romania, for its part, claims that the Russian missile "never strayed into its airspace" but that the Russian missile came close to entering it.
There is no doubt that a Russian missile over Romania could be a source of further tension between the war criminals of Maxva and NATO, but the Kremlin will certainly avoid this in the short term. Another thing is Moldova, which is one of the current plans. A missile over the territory of this country is not only a demonstration of the 'skills' of the curvaceous, it is also a demonstration of mastery with impunity. Moldova is in turmoil, and the Prime Minister of Moldova, Natalia Gavrilita, has resigned because of the country's financial situation. Mr Zelensky has warned the EU that Russia could further inflame the situation in Moldova, as Ukrainian intelligence has become aware of Russia's plan to overthrow the democratically elected government in Chisinau. And Transnistria, as you understand, is an ideal focal point for any kind of fire.
However, the US State Department believes that there is 'no indication' at this time that Russia poses a direct military threat to Moldova or Romania.
Naaaaaaa... Not everything is visible from satellites on the ground, especially under the roof. The Kremlin is capable of "blowing up" governments from within without weapons.
Russia is increasingly panicking about the long-range weapons and planes promised to Ukraine. In an 'analytical' programme on Russia's first TV channel, Mikhail Khodarionok, a 'military expert', gossiped that London would provide Kiev with Storm Shadow missiles, which he said could reach targets up to 1 000 kilometres. This would make the entire European territory of Russia a potential target for Ukraine. Moreover, Ukraine will soon have modern Western fighter jets. Experienced pilots will board them after a very short training period. With panic-stricken faces, the hosts and guests stated that Russia's only chance of salvation was to somehow achieve as many operational-strategic (what is this nonsense?) targets on the ground as possible at any cost. Russia has no other option.
What a pity that Western leaders do not know the 'Russian mentality' and do not have the experience. The only way to stop and intimidate them is to do so. Only with missiles, only with concrete action, which means that the villas of the Russian elite will be trashed and the guts of the owners will be spilled on the branches of trees. That is the way to make them tremble with panic. And a punch in the snout will make them stop and run for their lives.
Why didn't anyone want to hear us 9 years ago, 3 years ago, finally, a year ago?
Ukrainian defence sources have confirmed that Kyiv is ready to use long-range missiles to strike Crimea.
And Crimea. And Briansk. And Rostov-on-Don. And Moscow. <don>
The EU summit calls on Ukraine to continue the necessary reforms for accession to the Union. The Summit welcomes Ukraine's achievements in meeting the objectives underpinning its candidate status and urges it to continue its reforms. The European Union recognised Ukraine's determination to meet the necessary requirements for the early opening of accession negotiations.
The EU Summit also reiterated its commitment to provide strong political, economic, military, financial and humanitarian support to Ukraine and its people for as long as necessary.
It is reported that the total support from the European Union and its Member States to Ukraine and its people has so far amounted to at least €67 billion.
Nice plans. Noble objectives. rosy prospects. However, at this stage, the number one task is to stop the Russian army. Let us be honest, above all with ourselves - further penetration of the Drisksy deeper into the west of Ukraine will halt all integration processes. Ovations, hugs (for Zelensky), photos (with Zelensky) - it is positive, it is beautiful, it is moving. Moscow's response to all these exciting speeches and promises from European leaders to Kyiv is simple - missiles into Ukrainian cities.
Less talk, more weapons for Ukraine.
Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, has declared that the West's efforts to 'isolate' Russia have failed and that Moscow is building stronger relations around the world.
"Today we can confirm that the West's plans to isolate Russia by encircling us with a cordon sanitaire have failed," Lavrov told Russian diplomats on his return from a nearly week-long trip to Africa. Lavrov visited Mali, Mauritania, Sudan, Iraq, South Africa, Eswatini, Angola and Eritrea.
Well, that's clear! Of course! Africa, the Fiji archipelago, Venezuela, Burundi, North Korea, Tartarus and the world of evil and scum will always be with Russia. The Moscow Wallahs must realise that the doors of Western civilisation are being closed to them. The window to Europe, cut by Peter the Great, is being welded shut with tank plates and armour.
Emmanuel Macron is considering stripping Putin of France's highest award, which was presented to him in 2006 by the then French President Jacques Chirac. The title is symbolic: it is France's highest military and civilian order, created by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802.
But Macron is not yet withdrawing the award, he is thinking. He is mourning, the man, saying that he is waiting for the 'right moment' to strip the Russian President of this title.
I wonder what that right moment is? A missile to the Eiffel Tower?
Operational level
Russia is pressing Ukraine with missile strikes in the east of the country as well. The air defence forces destroyed 61 invader missiles yesterday, while the Russians fired 106 in total.
Russia is intensifying its attacks near Vuhledar and Bakhmut, but the promised dramatic new offensive has not yet been launched. For the time being, our month-old prediction that Russia would continue destroying critical infrastructure and slowly push eastwards, avoiding (in Moscow's view) greater losses, has been confirmed. It will manoeuvre in the south and north, blunder on the Belarusian border and wait for reinforcements from half a million zombies. Meanwhile, Russian military analysts claim that this escalation, and in particular the offensive near the Svatov-Kremina front line, is part of a large-scale offensive planned by Moscow.
Do not believe a single Kremlin bell, echoed by the bells of Gothic cathedrals and amplified by the pilots of Twitter and Telegram.
Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of Ukraine's National Security and Defence Council, says that Russia is planning a 'maximum escalation' and that the coming months will be 'decisive'. Andriy Yusov, a spokesman for Ukraine's defence intelligence, said that February and March would be "very active".
Ukraine is reportedly expected to receive around 150-300 Western tanks from partner countries in the next three months. The indicative date is 1 April.
Russia has a clear advantage in the mobilisation and logistical field. The Kremlin does not need to wait for the leaders of many countries to come together, discuss, argue, doubt and, after six months of thought, decide on the supply of weapons. Moscow is deciding everything today, and the iron, rusty as it may be, has been arriving on the front line since yesterday. But Moscow is alone in this war against the might of the West. And in the long run, Russia will definitely lose this senseless war.
Be that as it may, we can safely say that we have weathered the winter. Both Europe and Ukraine have dealt with the energy, food and inflation crises.
At the tactical level
Yesterday, terrorist Russia attacked Ukraine with three waves of missiles and drones. In particular, up to 35 S-300 missiles were fired at the city of Zaporizhzhya and the Kharkiv region.
The occupiers launched 59 air strikes, including 28 by Shahed-136 drones. 22 UAVs were shot down. The aggressor carried out more than 90 shelling attacks with rocket-propelled grenades.
The Russians attacked from the air with eight Tu-95MS strategic bombers, which fired X-101 and X-555 missiles from the Caspian Sea and Volgodonsk regions. Kalibr cruise missiles were launched from ships in the Black Sea.
Ukraine shot down 10 Russian missiles over the capital, Mayor Vitali Klitschko reported. Kyiv residents took shelter in the capital's metro system during an air raid.
The Russian missile strikes caused power cuts and water restrictions across Ukraine. In the eastern Kharkiv region alone, around 150 000 homes were without electricity.
The occupiers are continuing the Russification of the seized territories. In Melitopol, collaborators were offered to renounce their Ukrainian citizenship by signing a declaration.
Hospitals and morgues are overcrowded in Luhansk. Mobile crematoria are reported.
During the previous day, Ukrainian military aviation carried out 12 strikes against enemy centres and 4 strikes against anti-aircraft missile complexes.
Rocket and artillery units struck 2 life force centres, an ammunition depot, an anti-aircraft missile complex position and 3 other important air defence objects.
Yesterday, the US shot down an unidentified flying object the size of a car over Alaska.
Photo: Ukrainian artillery against the Drisky "vatuvka".
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