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Political strategic level

Putin will be assassinated - he will die at the hands of his own bodyguards or as a direct result of their involvement in the conspiracy. This was stated by Sergei Zhirnov, a retired KGB colonel, former intelligence officer, political analyst and publicist. Former British military commander Richard Dannatt and former CIA Director James Olson have also claimed that Putin will be assassinated by his entourage. Like Caesar. It is said that the order for the security services will come from Putin's inner circle.

Other analysts say that a plot against Putin may not happen, but that the break-up of Russia before the end of the war is inevitable.

Is this a pipe dream? It is common practice for regimes to remove dictators who are not to the liking of the elite. In our view, it should not be dismissed. However, Putin would be the victim or the scapegoat in this case, because the strategy of the FSB, GRU, SVR of "world conquest" will not change even if Putin is removed. This is a systemic Moscow disease that can only be eradicated by eradicating these services, by eradicating the ideology of chauvinism, and by keeping this terrorist entity, the state, under the yoke of poverty for a long time.

On Shoigu's orders, Russia has launched a large-scale combat readiness inspection of its fleet, long-range aviation and nuclear submarines near Sakhalin. Russia's Pacific Fleet has been moved to its highest level of combat readiness. "The main objective is to strengthen capabilities to deal with the tasks of countering likely enemy aggression," the Russian Ministry of War and Terror said in a statement.

This unexpected exercise is undoubtedly Mordor's response to Japan's massive $3.5 billion military buildup. This is the result of Mordor's massive increase in support for Ukraine. In addition, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Japanese have stepped up their demands for the return of the northern islands, which have been under the control of Masovia since 1945. Last autumn, Ukraine formally recognised them as part of the Japanese occupation.

China has no intention of supplying arms to any of the participants in the war in Ukraine, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang told a joint press conference with his German counterpart Annalena Berbock.

"On the issue of military exports, China takes a reasonable and responsible position. China does not supply arms to the parties concerned and manages and controls the export of dual-use items in accordance with laws and regulations," the Chinese minister said.

Meanwhile, the German Foreign Minister reproached China for its reluctance to directly condemn the Russian invasion. "I have to be honest and say that I wonder why China's position does not include a call for the aggressor Russia to stop the war?" - said Annalena Berbock, standing next to the Chinese Foreign Minister.

In case you are wondering, we will answer that there is no call because China itself is planning similar war crimes in Taiwan.

The EU's foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, has also decided to pin the tail on the Chinese dragon by declaring that Beijing must find a political solution to end the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

"Let me say this in a friendly way: it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the EU to maintain a relationship of trust with China... If China does not contribute to the search for a political solution based on Russia's withdrawal from Ukrainian territory, it will be very difficult for us to maintain a relationship of trust and confidence with China," said Mr Borrell.

Borrell also called on Chinese President Xi Jinping to talk to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and "provide more meaningful humanitarian assistance to the affected Ukrainian people".

The EU first needs to unify its position towards China before making public statements. The hostility with China should be translated into real sanctions, which Beijing fears like the devil on the cross. Especially as the main consumers of Chinese crap certainly have leverage. In 2022, the EU bloc's total trade amounted to almost €850 billion, but Borrell argues that these exchanges are "increasingly skewed" against the EU.

"Our trade deficit has reached a record €400 billion, or 2.3% of our GDP... If the imbalance is not corrected, we must react," the statement said.

And this... how much sleep can you get?

The US Congress is preparing sanctions against Hungarian officials linked to the pro-Moscow Viktor Orban. A bill has been in the pipeline since last year and will be submitted to Congress next month. The document is being drafted against the backdrop of steadily deteriorating relations between Washington and Budapest. Orban is seen by US critics as Putin's closest ally in the EU. His government's blocking of Sweden's entry into NATO has further deteriorated relations with Washington. Since 2017, Hungary has also blocked Ukraine's participation in several high-level NATO meetings.

An example of how to behave for the kinkadrebs in charge of EU security.

The Finnish embassy in Moscow alerted the Russian Foreign Terrorism Ministry after receiving three letters containing white powder.

This is a very gallant threat from the Muscovites. Finns may find a bull's trotters, a dead rat, the head of a Ukrainian soldier, or the eye of a child who has been raped, in future letter-packages.

Operational level

The Ukrainian army defends itself in Bakhmut by sending so-called "elite" Russian soldiers to Kobzon's concert in Hell. This time, Russian paratroopers are thrown into the cauldron in an attempt to reinforce Wagner's marauders. However, Serhiy Cherevaty, commander of the Eastern Group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, says that this has not changed the situation on the front line - the Ukrainians continue to successfully destroy the enemy.

US media report that the losses of the Russian Horde Special Forces in Ukraine are colossal. The loss of elite units has left the Russian army virtually without frontline intelligence. It will take years to rebuild this force. This is according to the Washington Post. According to the Pentagon's assessment, the Russian leadership has been very active in using special forces as mere infantrymen, thereby destroying elite units.

Pentagon analysts believe that the losses suffered by Russian special forces units will limit their effectiveness in other parts of the world where Russian terrorist hordes operate. Some special forces brigades are said to be 90-95% depleted.

We have had access to 'copies' of some of the leaked classified Pentagon documents, the contents of which are now 'known' to both Zebedee the taxi driver and Grandma Eleonora. We believe that many of them are briefing notes, which are routine material for later intelligence analysis. Some of the documents (copies of them) are cuttings of the usual so-called briefings to the leadership. As soon as the information about these "documents" came out, we said that it was most likely an information operation, and that the masterminds were just as likely to be allies as Russia. We are now more inclined to believe that the ears of the Muscovites are behind this information operation, without ruling out the possibility that human stupidity is the main cause of the leaked classified information.

Tactical level

Russian terrorists have fired salvoes of rockets and S-300 air defence systems at Ukrainian cities. The towns of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk have been the worst hit, with a number of dead and wounded.

Ukrainian defenders repelled 56 drone attacks per day.

It is reported that a comprehensive combat readiness review of the armed forces is currently taking place on Belarusian territory.

Russian Wallahs continue to maraud in the temporarily captured Ukrainian territories, looting private homes and public institutions.

The Ukrainian defenders have cleared five concentration sites of Drisks.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki says the first F-35 fighter jet will arrive in the Polish Air Force next year. "Polish pilots are NATO's elite and this is the best fighter. It will ensure our security," said Mr Morawiecki during a visit to a Lockheed Martin plant in the United States.

Vladimir Medinsky, an adviser to the Russian President, said he believes that Russian children need to be taught about the war in Ukraine in schools to counteract "historical reprogramming". Yes, fascism in its full operation, which neither Mussolini nor Goebbels ever dreamed of.

Swiss banks have started warning Russian customers that they will close their accounts if they pay taxes to the Russian budget.

The Russian House will suspend its activities in Macedonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia and Romania, said Rossotrudnichestvo, an organiser and financier of Russian propaganda and psychological operations and subversive activities abroad, which is on a mission to spread Russian culture. Its head, Primakov, revealed that the agency was "shifting resources" to countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Putin cancelled Victory Day parades in Russian regions due to a lack of tanks. All the old ironheads are rusting in the Ukrainian fields.

Russia will significantly step up its offensive on the frontline in the coming weeks, Estonian intelligence says. Russia is redeploying its so-called troops on the front line, which means that the Russians are preparing for a possible attack on Ukraine. The intelligence report mentions that Russia still retains the initiative on the battlefield, but that the aggressor's army no longer has the capacity to strike hard across the entire front line.


The nation is waking up from the toil and industry of a winter of cold.

People, tired of fighting and wars, are running away from gloomy thoughts, trying to rest from the stress they are under.

Raking leaves, planting lettuce, watching a cherry tree or a stork is the best rest for a weary soul. At a time when a sea of rumour-laden information is being pumped into our overloaded brains, it is actually very healthy to switch them off for a while.

Read us and you will be able to find out the most significant world events and their analysis in no time.

Have a safe weekend.

Photo: a Russian T-90 tank reaches the USA in Louisiana. What it is doing there is unclear. Apparently, it will be showing the rotten capitalist world Russia's technological marvel, trampled on Ukrainian soil.

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