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Geopolitical situation

Terrorist Russia is suspected of spying in the Baltic and North Seas using civilian fishing trawlers, cargo ships and yachts, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish public service broadcasters said in a joint investigation published on Wednesday. Radio communications and the location of Russian ships at sea have been monitored over the past year. The analysis showed that Russian ships were particularly frequent around offshore wind farms, gas pipelines and underwater electricity and data cables.

In addition, Russian military and civilian vessels are constantly moving in the Baltic and North Seas, mapping critical infrastructure on the seabed. One of the reasons why Moscow might be interested in doing this is quite clear. War criminals and terrorists in the Kremlin are planning possible acts of sabotage, such as the cutting of electricity cables.

Putin's mouthpiece, Peskov, commenting on this joint investigation, said that European countries 'again want to blame Russia for everything without justification'.

"We would prefer them to focus on the terrorist attack on the Nord Stream pipelines and the need for a transparent, urgent and wide-ranging international investigation into these unprecedented acts of terrorist sabotage," the spokesman said.

We will note calmly, however, that a terrorist attack on a gas pipeline could only have been carried out by a state with the capacity to do so and, above all, with a very detailed knowledge of the technical characteristics of the pipes that run along the seabed. It is also a fact that a few days before the explosions, the Russian Navy was conducting exercises in those very places.

When asked to comment on whether the Alliance is prepared for possible Russian terrorist attacks at sea, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that "NATO has been dealing with threats to underwater infrastructure for many, many years. <...> we have reinforced our presence in the Baltic and North Seas with ships, aircraft and other capabilities", he added.

We would prefer the NATO head to say unequivocally that NATO is keeping a close eye on all manoeuvres of the Russian navy and is ready to strike immediately if the terrorists think of anything else to blow up.

Significant developments

Yesterday, Ukraine's Defence Minister announced that American Patriot air defence systems have arrived in the country. "The surface-to-air systems, designed to counter aircraft, cruise missiles and shorter-range ballistic missiles, are the long-awaited latest contribution of modern technology from the Western allies to a country bombed by terrorists from Moscow.

"Today our beautiful Ukrainian skies are safer," Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikoff tweeted.

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin said yesterday that it was important that Turkey made a decision to allow Sweden to join NATO "sooner rather than later" and he was "confident" that this would happen before the Alliance's summit in Vilnius in July.

We also hope and cautiously predict that, regardless of the outcome of the elections in Turkey on 14 May, Sweden's application will be ratified. After all, the US has concluded a contract for the renewal of fighter jets for Turkey. And this, as we have repeatedly said, was the real reason why Erdogan was acting like a teenager distracted by hormonal storms.

Andriy Kostin, the Prosecutor-General of Ukraine, revealed that since the invasion began in February 2022, almost 80 000 cases of war crimes committed by Russians in Ukraine have been registered. The Kremlin's invading horde is deliberately using rape, torture and kidnapping to terrorise Ukrainian civilians and their relatives who are defending themselves against the aggressor on the front line.

Referring to the city of Kherson, Mr Kostin said that some 20 torture chambers had been found and more than 1 000 survivors had reported a variety of war crimes, including the use of electric shocks, waterboarding, forcing them to strip naked, and threats of mutilation and murder. More than 60 cases of rape have also been reported in the Kherson region, and children and residents from Russian-occupied territories have been forcibly transferred to other occupied territories or to Russia.

Somehow, we would be very interested to see those 'peace-peace-negotiations-give-way-to-Putin-back' doves in Paris, Berlin or Brussels face to face when they come to the same table as perverts, murderers, sadists, recidivists, terrorists and war criminals. It will be a particularly exciting episode if they shake hands and smile stupidly at the photo and video cameras.

A complete spiritual fall.


British Defence Secretary Wallace has urged against expecting Ukraine to win with a "wave of a magic wand". He believes that the fighting will undoubtedly continue next year.

Shakoreya will launch its first military spy satellite as planned. According to the Communist-controlled Chinese satellite's central news agency, Fat Kim said that "providing real-time information on the military scenario of hostile forces is the most important task."

A southern Ukrainian city was hit by an Iranian drone strike. While 10 of the 12 Shaheds were destroyed, two hit their targets. One of them was a civilian recreational facility.

Mr Biden extended for a year an executive order banning Russian-linked ships from US ports.

South Korea will start supplying arms to Kiev if there is a serious threat to the Ukrainians, the country's President Yoon Suk-El said. Dmitry Medvedev, the heavily hungover deputy chairman of some Russian security council, issued a threat: "I wonder what the people of this country will say when they see the latest Russian weapons from our closest neighbours - our partners in the DPRK?"

The alcoholic is clearly in an alcoholic psychosis, with pronounced signs of delirium.

On Friday, at a meeting of the contact group on military aid, Kyiv will ask the West to urgently supply anti-aircraft missiles

Dutch brewer Heineken has found a buyer for its business in Russia, according to the company's quarterly report.

US MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles have detected two unidentified flying objects - UFOs - in the Middle East and South Asia, Sean Kirkpatrick, Director of the US Department of Defense's Office of Unusual Phenomena Investigations, told a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing. Ech... We unnecessarily gossiped about a taxi driver who bragged that secret leaked Pentagon documents contained a record of a UFO hovering over Kyiv.

Germany has handed over to Ukraine the second of four promised IRIS-T air defence systems (SLM), reports Spiegel. In addition to the complex itself, 16 missiles were delivered to the Ukrainian armed forces.

V. Zelensky was in Avdiivka yesterday, about 4 km from the front line.


The government's ratings are sinking like the Russian rouble. Forgetting to look in the mirror, the government is pointing its fingers at Russia, at Kovid, at the cattle farm and at the vatniks because of the ratings disaster. We are not to blame, they say, the environment is.

Well, yes. The war waged by a terrorist Russia is hitting us hard on all fronts. But you know what helps a lot when it comes to communicating with the citizens of your country?

Speaking in a language they can understand, showing that in the civil service, the person elected has a human heart, not just a claw in his or her mouth.

Photo: a Ukrainian sniper hunting a Driski sniper near the front line.

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