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Geopolitical situation

Russia's Ministry of Foreign Blackmail and Terror has finally publicly acknowledged the Pope's move for the first time. Russia indicated on Friday that it welcomes Pope Francis' peace initiative in Ukraine, but stressed that it is not planning a Vatican mission to Moscow in the near future. The statement comes in response to the Vatican's announcement a week ago that Francis had appointed a veteran of the Catholic Church's peace mediation initiatives, Italian Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, as his envoy.

"We recognise the Holy See's sincere desire to promote the peace process, <...> but the Vatican side has not taken any practical steps to organise a trip to Moscow", the Kremlin said.

Lies. The war criminals do not want peace, they need to consolidate the territories of Ukraine that have been sacked and annexed, to buy time, to prepare and to move on - by burning, marooning, killing, raping, destroying and torturing.

Zuppi, meanwhile, insisted to reporters that the mission's aim was to "help reduce the tension of the conflict", in the hope that it could contribute to "the paths of peace". He recalled his efforts in the 1990s, together with the Rome-based Community of Sant'Egidio, to help broker peace talks to end the civil war in Mozambique.

Then, too, Zuppi noted, the Church's initiative began with the hope of finding "paths to peace" and ended with meetings that brought the warring parties closer together, with the "forging of links" between the factions and, ultimately, with a peace agreement. "The efforts (in Ukraine) will certainly be in this sense", Zuppi said, speaking at the end of a meeting of the Italian Bishops' Conference. "We shall see."

Francis announced the existence of the peace mission last month on his way home from Hungary, where he met with an envoy of the Russian Orthodox Church, which has strongly supported the Kremlin's war. In the weeks since, Francis has met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the Vatican, who has made it clear that he will not accept territorial concessions, and has rejected Francis' reference to victims on both sides of the conflict, saying that there is no way to put an equal sign between the victim and aggressor.

It will probably sound as cynical as ever on our lips, but all these statements by God's servants and attempts to negotiate with the devil in Moscow are not only meaningless, but also give Führer Putin a stronger basis for demanding recognition of the annexed territories of Ukraine in the name of an imaginary peace. War criminals and terrorist Russia are not Mozambique. This African country has more than half of its population who are true Catholics and who, although in their own way, sincerely believe in the miracles described in the New Testament texts.

If the head of the Catholic Church and his servants really want to help stop the massacre of Ukrainians and the attacks by Russian terrorists on hospitals, kindergartens and old people's homes, we would suggest that they start calling phenomena and events by their real names. To begin with, the 'Ukrainian conflict' is a large-scale war instigated by Russia with the aim of destroying Ukraine as a state, spitting on international agreements, humanitarian law and the customs of war. Secondly, terrorist Russia is ruled by a recidivist regime, and the leader they have put forward is an international criminal wanted in The Hague. There is only one way to negotiate peace with them, and that is to make a final confession as they stand on the scaffold at the gallows.

Significant developments

In retaliation for the raid on Russia's Belgorod region, Kremlin terrorists struck a building housing psychological and veterinary clinics in the city of Dnipro in central Ukraine. Two people were killed and 30 others injured, including two children. A video released by Serhiy Lysak, the regional governor, shows how firefighters battling the flames engulfed the three-storey building, which appeared to be almost destroyed, with only parts of the walls remaining.

A Russian S-300 missile also hit a dam in the Karlivka district of the Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine, threatening nearby settlements with flooding.

Although the Kremlin claims to have pushed the "saboteurs" to the Ukrainian side a few days ago, the town of Grayvoron, about 7 km from the Ukrainian border, continued to come under fire for several hours yesterday, damaging four houses, a shop, a car, a gas pipeline and a power line, according to Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov. Closer to the border, in the village of Glotovo, a recreation centre, a shop and an empty house were damaged. One woman was wounded by shelling in nearby Novaya Tavolzhanka, Gladkov said.

Meanwhile, the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Russian Legion of Freedom say their task is to free Russia from the domination of the Putin regime. Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Main Intelligence Department of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, said that "the RSK and RLL <...> people with different national origins, with certain ideological positions and preferences, who defend themselves by means other than armed struggle, who defend their constitutional rights, such people remain on the territory that is still called the 'Russian Federation', and their geography is expanding and their numbers are increasing".

He said that the volunteers see their task as the liberation of the Belgorod region and of Russia as a whole from the regime of dictator Vladimir Putin.

We wish them to buy more tanks and fighters in any Russian shop or market and move on. To Moscow.

The Russian occupiers may soon stage provocations at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant to prevent Ukraine from liberating the territories it has seized. A Ukrainian intelligence report indicates that one of the possible provocations is a simulated accident. The announcement of a leak of radioactive material will traditionally be blamed on Ukraine. The aim is to provoke the international community to carry out a thorough investigation, which will lead to the suspension of all hostilities. During the enforced ceasefire, the occupiers will regroup their forces and prepare to stop the Ukrainian counter-offensive.

We will refrain from commenting at this time.


The German defence ministry announced on Friday that it will transfer Patriot air defence systems from Slovakia to Lithuania and provide land, air and naval forces to ensure the security of the NATO summit. Units currently deployed on NATO's eastern flank will be deployed for this purpose.

They could stay until the Russo-fascists are crushed in Ukraine. In fact, it could stay for good.

The German army has ordered 18 new Leopard 2 tanks to replace the heavy weapons sent to Ukraine earlier this year. Krauss-Maffei Wegmann said the contract for the Leopard 2A8 tanks had been signed with the Federal Office for Military Equipment. It did not provide financial details, but the German parliament's budget committee approved funding of around €525 million on Wednesday.

Poland's parliament on Friday approved a controversial draft law on Russian influence in Poland. The new law would establish a state commission to investigate Russian influence in Poland. The opposition says it is aimed at former Prime Minister Donald Tusk, now the main leader of the opposition Civic Coalition, in the run-up to the autumn elections.

China's special envoy to Ukraine calls for a ceasefire to preserve "new Russian territories". According to unnamed officials, during the talks Li Hui "sent a clear message" that the US and Europe should urge Ukraine to immediately cease fire and allow Russia to retain control over the territories of the "DPR", the "LPR", Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions.

There you have it, the real 'peace' plan of the Chinese Communist Party's behemoths.

Ukraine is asking Germany to supply Taurus cruise missiles, according to a spokeswoman for the German Ministry of Defence. The missiles, with a range of up to 500 kilometres, would allow the defenders to hit Russian military infrastructure far behind the front line.

Well, if someone asks, you have to give, don't you? Missiles for Ukraine, a razor through the marble for the invaders.


In our little village, passions boil over pizzas, pancakes and excess fat.

One bald performer shared his thoughts on an overweight woman in a face book. Alas rebelled because she may have bought a pizza for breakfast. Maybe not for breakfast, maybe she was going to take it to the animal shelter.

One naked performer was called all sorts of things by the "elite", the "enlightened" and the "cultured".

Unable to withstand the psychological, social and possibly bloody pressure, one bald performer removed his entry from the book and apologised to the irritated public with a running lilt.

That is how sensitive we have become these days. We can't even call a brown smelly thing shit anymore. God forbid an influencer smeared with a brown smelly thing is not an opinion-maker! - will take offence.

Pictured here are the technical characteristics of the Swedish-German Taurus-KEPD350 air-to-ground cruise missile.

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