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Political strategic level

Phone call virtuoso Emmanuel Macron says he persuaded Xi Jinping to call Volodymyr Zelensky. This is why the talks between the French and Chinese leaders were not fruitless. This was also confirmed by Ursula von der Leyen, Head of the European Commission. Xi will reportedly wait for the right moment to make such a call. Since Xi is not as adept at operating the telephone and calling friends and non–friends as Emmanuel is, that call may have to wait.

Rich France. It can afford to fly its head of state and his entire entourage to China just to convince the impotent Communist Party of the necessity of a call to Xi. However, let us be glad that the leaders of European countries are keeping up the old tradition of talking on the telephone rather than messaging each other on Messenger or commenting on Facebook posts.

At the end of March, Ukraine sent an official invitation to Xi to visit Ukraine. According to Mr Zelensky, he has not been able to speak directly with the Chinese leader for more than a year. However, Xi is slowly changing his tone and announcing that "China, together with France, is ready to appeal to the international community to remain rational and calm".

Xi proposes to "protect the victims, including women and children", in other words, not to fight too much, to shoot and kill moderately and carefully. So as not to provoke a nuclear war.

The Belarusian Government no longer wants to deploy nuclear weapons on the Polish border, but is thinking of deploying nuclear weapons anywhere else in the country. Alexander Volfovich, State Secretary of the Belarus Security Council. "It is not necessary to deploy warheads on the borders of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. They can be placed anywhere. Belarus is 600 kilometres long. There were more than 43 nuclear weapon deployment sites on the territory of Belarus when there was a Belarusian military district. All of them have survived," the official said.

In our view, these steps are part of the Kremlin's policy of deterrence in order to intimidate NATO members. The target of this threat is, above all, Poland. Poland, thanks to its principled, consistent, rationally belligerent policy towards Russia, is today the undisputed leader not only of the region but of the entire Western world, demonstrating that it is necessary to speak to Moscow in the language of force and to ignore the Kremlin's whining.

At a meeting in Moscow, Putin, the terrorist, and Lukashenko, the chairman of the collective farm, discussed the development of economic cooperation and the strengthening of defence ties between the countries. Putin said there would be "close work" on the union agreement, which strengthened political, economic and military ties between Belarus and Russia.

Two old KGB pirds are trying to strategise the future of the world and are issuing curtains without partitions. Bumbling losers.

Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, has stated that the Kremlin has not abandoned its plans to liquidate President Zelensky. According to his adviser, Mr Podoliak, Mr Zelensky has survived more than ten attempts on his life. "According to The Independent, Zelensky has survived more than 12 assassination attempts since the beginning of the war. Some of them were thwarted by CIA information from the US.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence has confirmed that Russian Wagner marauders also intended to assassinate Zelensky. Moscow has not been able to defeat Zelensky politically, but is trying to deal with him physically.

The mongrels in the Kremlin must realise that Zelensky is a symbol of the aspirations of the Ukrainian people. As long as one Ukrainian is fighting, Zelensky will live.

D. Peskov said that the Kremlin sees no alternative but to continue the war in Ukraine. "For the Russian Federation there are no other ways for the time being but to continue the special operation, the situation does not show any prospects for a peaceful settlement," Putin's mouthpiece declared.

Peskov is right. He and his overlords have no other options but to continue to wage war and kill. If they cease hostilities, the mullahs will be slaughtered by their own and convicted by the strangers. So war is Putin's guarantee of survival for now.

Operational level

Technology war.

Ukraine has stated that although the West supports the country with Soviet MiG fighters, they are a relic of the last century. The Ukrainian air force commander claims that Kyiv desperately needs F–16s, which he says are "four or five times" more effective than the Soviet–made gliders currently in use.

Serhiy Holubtsov says that while the donation of Soviet–era MiG–29 fighters by the Allies is an "important step", "the F–16 is a fighter that has become a multirole aircraft capable of a full range of air tasks. The MiG–29, unfortunately, is from a bygone era", the military official said.

It is encouraging that Ukraine, having tasted NATO's frontline armaments, no longer wants to sit on the Soviet Russian scrap heap. This is a turning point not only on the battlefield, but also in thinking.

"Ukroboronprom signs an agreement on cooperation in the production of 125 mm tank shells. The agreement with Poland is aimed at producing large quantities of 125 mm ammunition for tank guns. In view of the high risk of Russian missile attacks against Ukroboronprom, the possibility of establishing new production lines in Poland is being considered.

The Russian Volunteer Corps, whose fighters are fighting on the Ukrainian side, "revisited" the Briansk region. The pro–Ukrainian Russian troops, having carried out "combat tasks", talked to the local population, handed them leaflets and asked them to take shelter in case of future hostilities.

The military operation took place just after the Governor of the Bryansk Region, Oleksandr Bogomaz, announced that the local FSB had foiled an attempt by a "Ukrainian reconnaissance group" to enter Russian territory.

A very welcome military operation, demonstrating that Russia's borders are porous, its towns are unprotected, and that all the claims of success by the FSB are nothing more than the FSB's own fairy–tale department.

Tactical level

Terrorist Russia seems to have lost the potential to launch massive missile attacks, having launched only 5 missile strikes and 18 air strikes in the past day.

On the Zaporizhzhya and Kherson axes, the Russians are preparing fortifications in anticipation of a Ukrainian attack.

The Crimean population is being deceived into digging trenches and preparing fortifications without being paid for their work. It is reported that many alcoholics are involved in construction work.

The Russians do not know exactly where Ukraine will attack. Will it be a counter–attack in the east, or an attack in the south–east, or maybe in the south? The Russian generals are trembling because they realise that with the remnants of the Driski you cannot keep the whole front line.


Time to calm down. Especially those who hurl obscenities and insults, who flaunt their positions, grandeur, influence and power.

We remind you that everything will one day come to an end, and the most powerful will become ordinary, in other words, what they fear most becoming. As they see it, nothing.

After all, we are all suffering from an incurable disease – life, which inevitably ends in death.

This is not a mean retort – it is reality. It is a reality that makes us realise that a person who thinks and speaks in a way that is contrary to the first persons of the state deserves the respect and care of the latter.

Until our top people realise this, or until they are replaced by people who respect themselves and others, we will continue to drown in the slurry of intrigue and strife.

Pictured here, soldiers of the 436th Airlift Squadron move 155 mm shells by forklift truck, which eventually make their way to Ukraine. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon).

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