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Political strategic level
Andriy Yermak, Head of the Ukrainian President's Office, announced that the US will provide Ukraine with Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, additional HIMARS systems, armoured tactical vehicles produced under the MRAP programme (mine-resistant ambush protected) and Sea Sparrow anti-aircraft missiles. A Christmas present of $3 billion for Ukraine. According to sources, the US-German agreement to transfer infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine paves the way for future deliveries of Abrams and Leopard tanks.
Meanwhile, Moscow's general-ballons are calculating whether the future corpses of the Invincible Army will have enough "pantaloons", helmets, shovels and saddles.
The US has stated that it is considering the possibility of training Ukrainian forces in the use of the Patriot missile system. The Department of Defence could bring Ukrainians to the US, provide training abroad "or a combination of the two". "I think we're clearly at a point in the battle where we can provide the kind of training that would allow Ukraine to maintain these systems and be able to concentrate on defending their country and reclaiming their territory," Air Force Brigadier General Pat Ryder told a press conference.
The message of "reclaiming territory" should have been very clear to the Kremlin losers.
Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of Ukraine's National Security and Defence Council, said that a new phase of Ukraine's offensive would begin this year. He noted that the world's attitude towards the war of independence in Ukraine has changed radically. While it was initially seen as a guerrilla war with the deployment of NLAW, Javelin and Stinger hand-held anti-tank missile systems, the defeats of the occupiers in the north, east and south have led to talk of a defensive counter (symmetrical) war. Ukraine started receiving supplies of HIMARS high mobility artillery and rocket systems, M777 howitzers, Harpoon missiles, GMLRS artillery shells capable of reaching targets up to 80 km away, as well as Excalibur, Panzerhaubitze 2000 howitzers, IRIS-T air defence systems, CAESAR self-propelled howitzers, and Krab air defence systems.
"This year, Ukraine's war will change from a defensive war to an offensive one. Ukraine will receive Bradley and Marder infantry fighting vehicles, Bastion armoured personnel carriers, AMX-10 RC reconnaissance armoured personnel carriers and AMX-10 RC tank hunters, Patriot air defence batteries, and a lot of other things - less public and not at all," Danilov announces. The NSDC Secretary also said that the next - fourth - phase of the war will be dedicated to "justice and reward".
The Kremlin needs vodka. Or sedatives. Or both. Or Russian roulette.
Global food prices fell for the ninth month in a row in December, but are on track to reach their highest level in years in 2022, UN data show. Food prices spiked the most after Russia's invasion of Ukraine last spring. December food prices fell by 1.9% compared to November.
But in 2022, the index as a whole was 14.3% higher compared to last year, reaching an all-time high.
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida plans to visit Kyiv. In a telephone conversation with Mr Zelensky, Mr Kishida confirmed Tokyo's full support for Ukraine.
"I strongly condemned Russia's continued aggression and stated that Japan will do its utmost to provide assistance, including winter aid, to protect the lives of the Ukrainian people", the politician said.
Operational level
The resource war continues. What we see in the information space and on the ground shows that the West has made a point about the Kremlin and Putin. Everyone has seen, felt, experienced first-hand and realised that everything the Kremlin and the collective Putin have been saying is a lie during almost a year of war. Lies that turn into endless mass killings, the destruction of cities, the disruption of the world economy, the disruption of energy, constant terror and an unpredictable future.
It seems that this year, in Ukraine, we will finally see the heavy NATO frontline armaments that will play a decisive role in this war. It is, of course, a pity that this was not done immediately after the occupation of Crimea. Preparing for a major war would have led to lasting peace.
Last night, the military aid included in the US defence package became clear. The new aid package for Ukraine consists of 50 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles with 500 TOW anti-tank missiles and 250 000 25 mm rounds; 100 M113 armoured personnel carriers; 55 MRAP tactical vehicles, 138 "Humvees", 18 155 mm self-propelled howitzers and 18 ammunition supply vehicles; and 70 000 155 mm artillery rounds; 500 Excalibur 155 mm high-precision artillery projectiles; 1 200 155 mm remotely-loaded anti-tank mine (RAAM) munitions; 36 105 mm howitzers and 95 000 105 mm artillery projectiles; 10 000 120 mm mortar projectiles; and other military vehicles, equipment and munitions.
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The Drisky hordes can prepare their tattered "waders" for protection and cover from artillery strikes. Although it would be far more sensible for their leaders to turn their rusty irons against the Kremlin's führer's coercive machine.
Ukraine will need at least $1.79 billion to restore its telecoms sector to pre-war levels, according to a UN agency report. Russia has "completely destroyed or seized" telecommunications networks in parts of the country, it said.
Moscow unilaterally changed Ukraine's dialling codes to Russian dialling codes, as set by the UN agency, and 1,123 cyber-attacks were carried out against Ukraine.
Tactical level
During the last "ceasefire" day, the DPRK carried out 1 missile strike and 20 attacks from cruise missile systems. The Second (rear) Army continues its efforts to gain a foothold in the Donetsk area and continues its offensive on the Bakhmut axis.
During the past day, the Ukrainian Defence Forces have repelled attacks in all directions.
The Russian occupiers are terrorising the local population by imposing their "sharikov" order and Russifying the occupied territories. Almost 3 000 workers at the Zaporizhzhya NPP have been forced to take Russian passports.
The Ukrainian currency (hryvnia) has been withdrawn from circulation under the threat of fines and confiscation of property. The occupiers are taking premises from the population or settling in places left by war refugees.
These vagabonds do not know how to build anything with their own hands. Not even an outdoor toilet, so they defecate right there on the spot, often in their own soaked underwear.
During the past day, the Ukrainian air force has struck a Russian military concentration point. Rocket and artillery fire destroyed 4 positions of enemy troops and military equipment and 2 fuel and oil depots.
Heavy fighting took place yesterday and today at Bachmutse and Soledar. Sources on the ground confirmed that the Russians are urgently replenishing depleted driskie units in these areas with new meat. There are reports that an occupying tank brigade is moving towards Soledar.
Comment: There is nothing wrong with that which does not go to Putin.
The first visible signs of the liberation of the Kremlin hordes are emerging. Putin's "Christmas truce" is the first attempt to demonstrate that Russia is supposedly willing and able to make peace under certain conditions. Those conditions are Orthodox Christmas.
An interesting nuance is that Putin announced this truce after talks with Turkish President Recep Erdogan. It was allegedly the Turkish ruler, who hopes to bring Putin and Mr Zelensky to the negotiating table by the summer, who called Putin and proposed a unilateral ceasefire.
We believe that there are no sincere rejoicers among our readers about this Putin 'peace', because, firstly, there has not been and will not be one, and, secondly, it is just a game. In Russian or FSB terms, it is called 'mnogochodovka'. It is a simultaneous move in several directions that leads to several possible outcomes, from which the best one can be chosen, without ever suffering a clear defeat. This is exactly what the Kremlin is trying to do with this move.
First of all, it is trying to demonstrate to the West that Ukraine is the first to renege on the proposed ceasefire. It sends a signal that the Kremlin is ready, in principle, to negotiate.
The Middle East countries, India and China, which have taken a neutral position, are being told that Russia has not only 'ceased fire' without any preconditions, but that it is ready for a ceasefire, which Ukraine does not accept. The possibility of a diversionary attack, which could involve the bombing of Russian churches, is not ruled out, of course, with Ukraine being blamed for this. Moreover, this move consolidates Russian society around the FSB's arm, the Kremlin Patriarchate.
And, of course, it is aimed at regrouping and consolidating a fractured front line that is in danger of completely disintegrating. Perhaps, in the near future, to launch a retaliatory attack with missiles and drones against Ukraine, which 'has not respected the proposed festive Orthodox ceasefire', because Kyiv is controlled by the Yanks.
The Moscow-controlled FSB Patriarch Kirill, whose hands are up to his elbows in the blood of children, including Russians themselves, has brazenly called for two days without killing Ukrainians. The Kremlin's schemers have laid enough bloody traps, lies and deceit to make Satan's stomach churn with the stress of knowing what Putin is up to.
These gropings from Moscow conceal the impending defeat that the Kremlin is feeling more and more clearly every day. The Kremlin's temporary white flag has been waved precisely after the news that German Patriot, French and US armoured personnel carriers and a new US aid package are on their way to Ukraine.
There is nothing wrong with that which does not go to Putin.
Photo: reaction to the news that arms are about to reach Ukraine's defenders.
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