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Political strategic level

The West, including all of us, is looking forward to a spring attack on Ukraine. At least 40 000 troops have been trained for the military operation in Kyiv and are being trained outside Ukraine. The new Interior Ministry brigades that have been formed will fight shoulder to shoulder with regular army units reinforced with new Western heavy tanks and other armoured vehicles. According to Ihor Klymenko, Ukraine's Minister of the Interior, Ukraine has a huge mobilisation potential, with a large number of former policemen and soldiers, who have not fought in the war, but have military experience.

The West is rushing to provide Ukraine with modern weapons, ammunition and engineering equipment. European countries have agreed to increase ammunition production to this end. Czech President Peter Pavel warns that Ukraine has only one chance to launch a counter-offensive this year, as the West will have no more resources to do anything else if it fails. Therefore, this counter-attack must and will be successful.

NATO and Ukraine believe that Crimea will also be liberated this year. Meanwhile, US General Mark Milley is not so sure about such a big success: "I am not saying it cannot be done. I'm just saying it's a very difficult task. But that is their goal. They are certainly entitled to it, it's their country. And they have a high moral position here".

In our opinion, the Czech President, who is, by the way, a retired general, speaks quite reasonably. 40 000 troops, three hundred Western tanks and a few hundred more Soviet-era Ukrainian tanks, supported by artillery and a dozen fighter planes from the air, are not enough to clear half a million people from Ukrainian territory. Such a fist of steel, concentrated at its weakest point, is capable of striking a crushing blow in one direction, breaking through any defences, and then proceeding to attack in other directions, with reserve and defence forces waiting for the Russians to flee the battlefield.

We are waiting for the well-trained Ukrainian troops to take the flak from the Mussolinians and make more than one Kremlin general bellow in his trousers.

China is cutting back. Beijing, which has been threatening wars and demonstratively proclaiming "unlimited friendship" for Moscow, is starting to back down. China's ambassador to the EU, Fu Tsung, is mumbling and bleating that this was not serious talk but a rhetorical device. In fact, China is not at all supporting Russia in its war against Ukraine. What is more, China will seek to start a dialogue between Ukraine and Russia.

These statements were made ahead of a meeting between Chinese leaders and French President Emmanuel Macron and EU chief Ursula von der Leyen. Beijing wants peace talks because it fears that "Russia will strike" if cornered.

French President Macron has come to the world's biggest factory not only on a peace mission, but also to preserve trade ties, protect overseas territories and military deployments.

Meanwhile, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has rightly observed that the Russian and Chinese statement on the nuclear programme amounts to 'empty promises'. Russia's threat to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, immediately after the Putin-Jinping meeting, shows that Russia and China are bluffing.

One day Xi and Putka are beating their chests that countries should not deploy nuclear weapons outside their borders, and the next day, nuclear threats are being made. Beijing is pandering to Moscow for no other reason than that. Like a makeshift gigolo carrying tulips with only one thought of bed. The Chinese Communist puppets dream of the US going to war with Russia, both countries weakening, and harmony and peace prevailing in the world under the supervision of the Chinese Communist Party.

At a ceremony in the Kremlin, Putin told EU Ambassador Roland Galharague that relations between Russia and the bloc had "deteriorated sharply" because the EU had started a "confrontation" with Russia. And the US is most responsible for the deterioration in relations.

Well, of course, the US is "to blame" for everything. We remember well the ultimatum to withdraw the US military contingent from Europe, to disarm it, so that the masqueraders of the Mascolians could freely rape the girls of Berlin and demolish the towns.

Putin called on the Russian Security Council to reinforce security forces in the occupied territories and to step up the persecution of Ukrainian citizens. Putin's statement "... to protect the people and their safety and property from crime, arbitrariness and violence" calls for the protection of the property of the marauders who have seized unisei, defaced church altars and raped children.

Today, 49 UN countries condemned Russia for deporting Ukrainian children and issued a joint statement. "We condemn the actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, including the forced deportation of Ukrainian children, as well as other grave violations against children committed by the Russian army in Ukraine. No amount of disinformation spread by the Russian Federation can deny the justice of this issue or shield people from responsibility for these crimes."

The United Nations is a theatre of the absurd, with the President of the Security Council as the representative of a terrorist country at the head of a world body charged with 'maintaining international peace and security'.

Any Bunuel or Lynch pales in comparison with a horror film in which the global institution that maintains 'peace and security' is headed by terrorists who sweep cities off the face of the earth and kill thousands of people.

Operational level

According to the Pentagon, the Russian army's offensive at Bakhmut has run out of steam and there is no capacity for further military operations, so the Ukrainian army is waiting to move to the next phase.

President Duda announced that Poland will hand over all MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine. Ukraine has already received four Polish Mig fighters, four more will be handed over shortly and then the remaining six.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has stated that Russia has no control over Bakhmut. He said that the Ukrainians were counter-attacking by retreating to their positions. "The most important thing is not to lose our army. And of course, if there is a more heated moment and a danger that we may lose personnel because of the encirclement, there will be the right decisions by the General on the spot. And I am sure of that. But the more suitable ammunition that reaches Ukraine, the sooner we will regain the initiative not only in Bakhmut, but also in other territories," Zelensky said.

Meanwhile, Crimea is turning into a peninsula - a fortress. Fortifications are being prepared in the northern and western parts. Tens of kilometres of trenches are being dug on the western coast of Crimea. Kilometres of trenches have been dug near Eupatoria and concrete barriers - the so-called "dragon's teeth" - have been built. The Russians fear a Ukrainian landing.

Well, Crimeans, welcome to your "Russian" paradise. Why are you not crawling around, spitting sunflower husks and drinking vodka in your dream golden resorts?

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has stressed that it will continue its efforts to achieve a lasting peace. Ankara will push for the resumption of peace talks between Ukraine and Russia in the near future.

According to a new poll, 72% of Ukrainians are in favour of not opening talks with Russia at this time.

The marauders need a good sidewalk to start with.

Tactical level

The occupiers are running low on supplies, with only 3 missiles fired by the Drisksy last day.

The Russo-fascists have not advanced a single metre and are digging in their defensive positions. The commanders of the occupation forces believe that the Ukrainians will attack in the direction of Zaporizhzhya and Kherson, so the defensive fortifications there are being built with double zeal.

Armed Wallahs are closing hospitals for civilians so that they can treat their wounded so-called soldiers.

The Ukrainian defenders destroyed a Russian Ka-52 helicopter, and we congratulate them on that.


The hunting season opened yesterday. Ex-Communists are hunted. As a rule, those who are hiding more than one skeleton in the closet of their own past scream especially fiercely.

Many of them, former Communist Party activists or secretaries of the Communist Party's village X branch, are today shouting trite slogans and hurling accusations, true and false.

Today they are fiddling at the dinner table, and tomorrow, with a change of government, they will happily hand you over for thirty roubles.

They will sell us out, too, and they will bring the scurvy back. They are extremely dangerous.

And for those who are sincerely repentant, sincere respect. Shall we not look forward to Sunday with you, shall we not greet one another with the Resurrection?

As you gather around the table for the Last Supper today, consider that for some it may be their last.

If not a dinner, then at least a term is very possible.

In this photo, Polish President Andrzej Duda, second from right, and his wife Agata Kornhauser-Duda greet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, left, and his wife Olena, as they meet at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw, Poland, Wednesday, April 5, 2023. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski)

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