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Geopolitical situation

Ukraine is fully prepared for a spring counter-offensive. It is expected to start in the south. The Russians have had almost six months to prepare and build up a sophisticated defence system, so breaking through the defences will be a huge challenge.

In some parts of southern Ukraine there are numerous anti-tank trenches, obstacles, minefields and layers of trenches. These fortifications stretch for hundreds of kilometres across the winding southern front line. The Ukrainians will have to bypass or overcome these obstacles at high speed to prevent the Russians from regrouping and the defences from falling to pieces.

Russian positions are most concentrated along the front line in the south-eastern Zaporizhzhya region, in the east and across the narrow strip of land linking the Crimean peninsula to the rest of Ukraine.

Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi says that her country must fully assist Ukraine in achieving victory over the Russian invasion. The Democratic Party politician expressed her hope that support will remain bipartisan in the future.

"We must win. We have to bring this to a positive end - for the Ukrainian people and for our country. The world is now in a struggle between democracy and autocracy, of which Ukraine is a manifestation," said Ms Pelosi.

Victory slogans flow freely from politicians' lips. But when asked what that victory should look like and what the concrete scenario is, politicians' faces begin to show ripples of exasperation. We know that victory by crushing Russia is impossible at this stage of the war. Victory against the Russian Wallachians in the Donbas is not victory against Mordor. Russofascism must be destroyed at its heart, in Moscow, and only then will we breathe a sigh of relief. Until then, we need to strengthen our defences and prepare.

Pope Francis on Saturday thanked the Hungarians for welcoming Ukrainian refugees and urged them to help all those in need, calling for a culture of charity.

The Pope is taking this step to educate Hungary's Prime Minister Orban, who justifies his tough anti-immigration policy on the grounds that migration is a threat to Europe's Christian culture.

Francis met with refugees, many of them Ukrainians. Later, the Pontiff held talks with Metropolitan Hilarion, the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church in Hungary. It is believed that the Pope is likely to meet with Patriarch Kirill of Russia.

Speaking at the white brick St Elizabeth's Church in Budapest, Francis recalled that the Gospel teaches Christians to show love and compassion to all, especially to those in poverty and pain and "even to those who are not believers". "The love that Jesus gives us and commands us to practise can help uproot the evil of indifference and selfishness from society, from our cities and the places where we live - indifference is a scourge - and revive the hope of a new, fairer, more fraternal world in which all can feel at home," the Pontiff said.

Unfortunately, the world is becoming more cruel, more greedy and has long forgotten the teachings of the Gospel. We do not quite understand why the Pope seeks to meet with the Satan who possessed Cyril, the same one who tempted Jesus on the Mount of Olives. How can we talk to the devil and what can we offer him? Except to get into pigs and drive them into the waves of the lake to drown.
Significant stimuli

The governor of the Crimean port of Sevastopol says there has been a fire in the city's fuel depot. Several drones are believed to have attacked the depot, one of which was shot down. According to Ukrainian military intelligence, more than 40 000 tonnes of oil tankers intended to supply the Russian Black Sea Fleet were destroyed.

The Ukrainian military advises all residents of temporarily occupied Crimea to stay away from military installations and facilities that supply the aggressor's army.

Following previous attacks on the occupiers' infrastructure in Crimea, Ukraine has refrained from openly claiming responsibility, but stressed its right to strike any target in response to Russian aggression.

Recently, we have seen Ukraine's clear initiative and success in destroying the marauders in Crimea. The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces claims that this summer season will be a hot one.

Have a good holiday in Crimea, barbarians of Mordor.


The Rossiya 1 television channel showed footage from Uman, where a Russian missile hit a residential house and killed the local population. The Russian terrorist strike killed 23 people, including six children. Putler's propaganda ivies have presented this act of murder by Russia as a shelling of the Donbass by the Ukrainian military.

That is all one needs to know about the perverse thinking of the ideologues of the empire of lies, evil and violence. Disgusting cynicism, Russofascist cruelty - all metastases of the cancer of the evil empire. All those who are poisoned by this evil substance will burn in the same cauldron of hell along with the Putins and the Solovievs.

By the way, the Russian propagandists unleashed a vile lie machine after Russians laid flowers in Moscow on the night of 28 April in memory of the Ukrainian civilian dead.

How many such people are there among the 140 million? A thousand? Two thousand?

The United Kingdom is going to buy long-range missiles and equipment to ensure the mobility of Ukrainian troops. The UK Ministry of Defence has published requirements for strike systems for Ukraine. One of them is missiles that can fly up to 300 km. The procurement is worth £520 million, of which £200 million has already been spent on unmanned aerial vehicles, reconnaissance systems and air defence equipment, as well as spare parts for military vehicles.

US retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges says Ukraine needs ATACMS missiles to liberate Crimea. General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has stated that the US is considering supplying Ukraine with long-range weapons instead of ATACMS, which would allow the army to extend its range on the battlefield.

The Ukrainian government has banned the use of signs containing the symbols "Z" and "V". "The letters 'Z' and 'V' are now banned by law. That is, it is forbidden to use these letters individually, as well as in words written in Cyrillic script, instead of 'C', 'Z', 'V', 'F'. This prohibition also applies to inscriptions and pictures, symbols of communist totalitarian regimes and national socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes," the statement said.

Today, when the pro-Russian Bolshevik element is almost openly allowed to flourish in Lithuania, we will allow ourselves the irony that Ukraine is violating human rights and freedoms by such actions.


Lithuania has risen to 40th place in terms of GDP per capita. We have overtaken countries such as Portugal, Croatia, Slovakia, Greece, Poland and Hungary. The generation of the Sąjūdis remembers a time when we were more than 20 times behind the Western countries.

But we are still living very badly, despite the fact that the planned minimum subsistence level is approaching EUR 1 000.

And, without irony, we would like to congratulate all of you and us on the fact that a nation that has been ravaged by hundreds of years of misery, poverty and occupation, has managed to rise from the pit and nothingness, to build a state and to preserve it. This is not politicking and it is not a matter of attributing merit to any party.

It is simply the reality that our parents and grandparents brought us to, and that all of you, brothers and sisters, are upholding and protecting.

Thank you, heroes and heroines.

In the photo, Ukrainian soldiers with a mortar send greetings to the Drisks.

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