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Geopolitical situation

The world is focusing on military action in Russia's Belgorod region. The sudden invasion of Russian territory by the "Russian Legion of Freedom" troops has caused complete confusion in the country and in the Kremlin. According to sources, in the first hours, the local authorities managed to mobilize 30 border guards, who were apparently dispersed.
Yesterday evening, Russia's spokesman on war and terror, Mr. Konashenkov, announced that all the attackers had been expelled from Russian territory. However, according to the Kremlin's oppositionist, Ilya Ponomaryov, the situation is quite the opposite, with battles being fought along a 40-kilometer stretch and strategic objects being taken.

Oleksiy Baranovsky of the Russian organization "February Morning", which is fighting the Putin regime, says that around 4 000 Russian citizens are currently fighting the occupying army. The most active is the "Russian Legion of Freedom". It is hoped that the fighting in Belgorod will encourage the people of other Russian regions - Voronezh, Kursk, Bryansk - to take up arms, and when the moment comes, liberate Moscow, arrest Putin, and hand him over to an international tribunal. The more areas that are occupied, the more volunteers will join the liberation struggle.

The Kremlin opposition, which wants to overthrow Putin's regime by force of arms, does not expect this to happen now. But successful military action, the panic, and helplessness of the Putin junta may hasten the imminent end of the Kremlin terrorists.

Although the Kremlin stresses that this attack is the work of Kyiv, the Russians fighting against the Putin junta claim that it is an insurrection and a military operation, organized exclusively by Russians who could have bought military equipment in any military shop.

We stand for applause. Putin's opponents are not only using Putin's words from 2014, spoken during the occupation of Crimea but also his tactics. Crimea was occupied by the little green men. Why can the blue and white little men not liberate Russia? Most importantly, however, these military actions will undoubtedly require a lot of resources and will distract not only the attention of but also of the Driski forces, which could continue to maraud in the Donbas, thus weakening the occupiers' defensive potential in the occupied territories. The battles on Russian soil have demonstrated that the borders of the terrorist country are practically porous and that the regions are completely unprepared for military action. If well prepared, it is possible to mount a serious military march on Moscow and complete the job that our rulers in the Middle Ages failed to do.

With a piss in his pants, the dictator of the Kremlin, Putin, declared that Russia did not start this war. 'The Russian Federation did not start the war, but is trying to end the war being waged by the enemy of our people by means of a special military operation,' was another absurdly stupid phrase from the world's most wanted criminal.

Significant advances

The EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, said that Ukrainian pilots have already started training to fly F-16 fighter jets in several EU countries. Although the idea was initially met with hostility by Ukraine's allies, Borrell said that the door is now open to the provision of fighter jets and he expects the same outcome as the transfer of Leopard 2 tanks, which has also been plagued by complications.

At the start of the negotiations to send German-made Leopard 2 tanks to Kiev, Borrell said that many countries were "hostile". But in the end, he added, it was decided to provide this military support because it was "absolutely necessary for Ukraine to continue to defend itself".

The fighter coalition is expanding. According to the Dutch defense ministry, EU officials are working on a concrete timetable for the handover of the fighter jets, and there is agreement that this must happen quickly. However, the green light from Washington is still awaited. We have no doubt that it will be lit, and Denmark, Belgium, the UK, and other allies will deliver the awaited F-16s to Ukraine as soon as possible.

Serhiy Cherevaty, the spokesman for the Ukrainian Eastern Force Group, stated that Ukrainian forces are successfully moving towards Klyshivka. Up to half a kilometer has been advanced in different areas during the day. The Ukrainian military action in the Bakhmut region is considered a success: the Russians did not manage to break through, they were surrounded by Ukrainian troops, and the occupiers were trapped after suffering huge losses.

And while the Russian war bloggers are celebrating their victory with vodka, in reality, the armed units of the Russian Wallahs, who have almost captured Bakhmut, are in a very dangerous situation. The Ukrainians surround the Russians on the flanks, opening the way for new counter-attacks.

Taking the town, or rather the ruins, and what is left of the town, and what is left of the name, is no victory. We regret that both our own country's media and the popular Western media still juxtapose the information provided by Kyiv and Moscow and portray the capture of Bakhmut as a great Russian victory.

Moscow's information - as always - is misleading, false, typical enemy disinformation, targeting us with uninterrupted shots. Information from Kyiv, from NATO, even if it is a psychological operation, is a weapon for all of us against the hordes of Drisks.

Let us wave our weapons, not the enemy's.


Polish President Andrzej Duda says security guarantees for Ukraine will be signed at the NATO summit in Vilnius in July.

It is high time to make up for the betrayal of the Budapest Memorandum.

African leaders are proposing that Ukraine enter into peace talks with Russia even without withdrawing its troops from Ukrainian territory. This is the plan proposed by the administration of President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa.

There is not the slightest doubt that this plan was drawn up by Zakharova on behalf of Lavrov and signed by the drunken Medvedev. But maybe not.

In synchrony with the talks, another Kremlin stooge, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, announced that Ukraine was incapable of winning the war of aggression that Russia had launched against it. According to the Hungarian Prime Minister, the only possible solution must be a ceasefire followed by peace talks.

The huffing and puffing of Moscow's international lawyers show that the Kremlin is well and truly over its head. However, there can be no pause in the ring now. It is necessary to squeeze and break Putler's bones on the tatami until he yells 'I give up'. Then ignore it, and keep on breaking.

In Lithuania

In our little village, the NATO summit is awaited like a guest at Aunt Angela's farmhouse. No official statements, and no serious proposals. All the concern is that the guests are beautifully chauffeured, lighted, put to sleep, well fed, and welcomed along all protocols. And if any guest enquires about what is going on in this temporary NATO event center, he or she will probably be very surprised to read that the country's political elite and journalists are using the moral crampons of the day to hawk each other's physiognomies to explain how many TV sets the mayor-king of a small town has bought, legally or illegally - one or two.

The portals and social networks are bursting with animal lovers' fury over the animal cruelty of another village politician, who, with his cronies, peeled the teeth of a live wild boar and beat it with dogs, and tortured other animals and livestock.

These and similar problems could be solved in one way - by taking advantage of Western practices and the laws already in force there and adapting and adopting them in Lithuania. For example, it would be possible to punish people who make dogs homeless with a fine of EUR 26 000 and to treat the crimes of animal torturers as crimes against persons, with appropriate penalties, and, most importantly, to add them to the list of persons dangerous to society. This is a practice that has long been in place in the USA.

The urge to peel the teeth of a live wild boar or to strangle a dog may not evaporate in sadists, but society would not allow it within three kilometers of animals and people.

But we will not pass such a law. It is too low to punish mummies by law. We prefer lynchings: throwing stones, throwing sticks, curses, and warnings. We suspect that many would like executions and witch-burning and lynchings of the wicked in public spaces in cities.

Especially in Lukiskes Square.

Just kidding.

The photo is from the Belgorod region.

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