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Political strategic level
The celebration of the meeting between Zelensky and Biden in Kyiv yesterday was marred by Putin's appeal to the "people", new strikes on Ukrainian cities, new victims, new blood.
The speech, which lasted almost two hours, repeated the mantra that the West and Ukraine are to blame for the war and that it is the West that wants to destroy Russia. The most important part of all this bluster was that Putin announced the suspension of Russia's participation in the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START).
In addition, Putin called on the Ministry of Defence and Rosatom to ensure preparations for Russia's nuclear weapons tests
The START-3 treaty between Russia and the US entered into force 12 years ago. It stipulates that Russia and the US are to reduce the number of deployed nuclear warheads to 1550, intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles and heavy bombers to 700.
"They started the war and we are using force to stop it. They are the ones who let the genie out of the bottle, plunging whole regions into chaos", the Russian Führer said and warned the West not to supply Ukraine with the promised long-range weapons.
"The West is using Ukraine both as a battering ram against Russia and as a testing ground. One thing should be clear to all - the more long-range Western systems arrive in Ukraine, the more we will be forced to push the threat away from our borders", Putin said.
These words were followed by signs of a general rumble, spread by headline makers for naive readers and sensation seekers. Some people were scared that Russia would attack Lithuania, some were afraid that Belarusian tanks were already at the Lithuanian border, some dreamt of a Wagner hit squad operation in Lithuania.
Such panic attacks are not only detrimental to our psychological state and our sleep, but they also scare away investors and, in the end, ordinary tourists.
No one, neither Lukashenko nor Putin, will attack Lithuania. Neither will Wagner, Wangelis or Vrungelis. The Kremlin wants to see in people's eyes the horror of the second front, which it sometimes manages to ignite thanks to irresponsible politicians, experts and the media. At least for the moment, Moscow itself is afraid of the slightest open confrontation with NATO. The surovikins, the good-guys and the apartment thieves are well aware that no second front is possible, and that there are enough problems on the first front. A second front with NATO would mean the collapse of Putin and the Russky Mir.
What we sometimes write is that a second front suddenly opening up would solve the headaches of the whole world in a flash, because NATO would already be striking on Russian territory and would force the Kremlin to capitulate.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reacted to Putin's speech and recalled his new and previous commitments: "But NATO has another task - to prevent this war from spreading beyond Ukraine. That is why on the morning of the invasion we reinforced our defence plans and increased the number of units in the eastern part of the Alliance, sending a very clear message to Moscow that NATO is here to defend every inch of NATO territory. And an attack on a friend would be an attack on the whole Alliance. We will continue to support Ukraine as much as necessary and to provide a credible deterrent and defence throughout NATO territory," Stoltenberg added.
The Alliance leader stated that Putin has made it clear that he is preparing for more war and regretted that Russia has decided to suspend its participation in the new Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty. "Today's decision has dismantled the entire arms control architecture. I strongly urge Russia to reconsider its decision", said the NATO Secretary General.
Good thing he did not call Putin "pretty please". Nothing strange and nothing new - the political, military parade of terror is the fashion today in Moscow. So far, we have not seen a single unexpected move or threat to the Kremlin that has made Putin wet his pants.
Our dear readers, if we were to recall the speeches of some of our village and 'big' foreign politicians a year ago and compare them with what they are saying now, you would say that they are inconsistent, untruthful and contradictory. But an analysis on the time axis is meaningless today, because the masses and their politicians are spouting what they think today, believing what they see in front of their eyes. And if one says "we will win", one is putting one's faith in a spokesman who expresses these hopes and who has no idea of how to achieve it. Therein lies the greatest misfortune of us all.
We are determined to follow this path - not to be hypocritical, not to try to please, but to say straight and true what we really think. Are we wrong? Yes, sometimes. But if you look at every one of our texts, you will see that there are not so many of them. We can and, believe me, we do know how to write, how to manipulate you in order to collect your likes and, we say very clearly and directly, your financial support. It is only thanks to you that the Agency survives and is independent, it is our main job. Well, apart from direct support to Ukraine on various fronts.
China's top diplomat, Wang Yi, has arrived in Moscow and will meet today in Moscow with Russia's Minister for Foreign Terrorism Sergei Lavrov. Wang was appointed last month as Chinese Communist leader Xi Jinping's top foreign policy adviser.
We have no doubt that Beijing supports and will continue to support Moscow. And while China's pro-Russian rhetoric has softened in recent months, its support for Moscow in terms of annual trade, diplomatic ties and the schedule of joint military exercises has strengthened over the last year.
In Warsaw, the US President thanked Polish President Andrzej Duda for his country's commitment to supporting the Ukrainian people, calling the relationship between the two nations "very important, very important, very important". Mr Biden said he believed that Ukraine was "better off than ever" and urged NATO countries to "keep our heads and our focus".
It is very nice that politicians know how to say so many very very very very very very very nice words, but at this stage we do not see any clear plan for an end to the war/peace, except for peace talks that will eventually lead to de facto recognition of the annexed territories by Russia. More arms for Ukraine certainly means the opportunity for the country to defend itself, giving the West time to arm itself at the expense of Ukrainian blood. And even if all the world's leaders, including the Pope of Rome, were to have their photographs taken with Zelensky in Kyiv, all at the same time, this would not change the situation on the front line and would not in any way reduce the suffering of the country under attack. Another plan is needed.
Slovak Foreign Minister Rastislav Kačer has sent Orban and the other 'Putin collaborators' in Europe who oppose giving arms to Ukraine to a 'village in Peru'. "At the weekend, their Carpathian prophet (Viktor Orban) said this is not our war. It is 'just a military conflict between two Slavic states'. They should have been left alone, isolated. That is to say, let the Russians kill the Ukrainians quickly. Let them not worry. How disgusting. How pathetic. How un-Christian. Saint Martin of Tours, born in what is now Hungary, would have died in shame for such Christians," wrote the Slovak Foreign Minister.
To Putin's collaborators, and especially to the inhabitants of our Carpathian Basin and Felvydec (the Hungarian historical name for Slovakia), to all those who want peace at the cost of the destruction of Ukraine, I have only one message: 'Go na...' - wrote the politician.
Well, you know, how can that be?! Che che, we are joking. Very rightly so.
Operational level
Nothing new on the Eastern Front.
However, a very important agreement has taken place in the West: Ukraine, the EU and NATO have agreed to set up a coordination mechanism in order to increase the production (and supply and repair) of weapons for Ukraine. To this end, the parties agreed to set up a tripartite coordination mechanism to synchronise the work of producers, buyers and governments.
Following the talks between Presidents Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev, the United States intends to work hard with allies and partners to support Ukraine in its resistance to Russian aggression. White House National Security Adviser Sulivan says that the leaders had the opportunity to have an in-depth, detailed discussion with President Zelensky on every aspect of the conflict. "And there will be a lot of follow-up work on that, including in close consultation with our allies and partners," Sulivan said.
US President Joe Biden addressed Russian citizens in Warsaw and assured them that the US has no intention to attack or destroy Russia. The US and Europe have never threatened Russia, he said. "I would like to address the Russian people. The US does not want to destroy Russia, it does not intend to attack Russia. Millions of Russian citizens want to live in peace with their neighbours. They have never been enemies. This is a tragedy. President Putin has chosen war, and how long it lasts is his choice. He can stop the war. If the Russian Federation stops its offensive and withdraws from Ukraine, the war will end. If Ukraine stops, it will be the end of Ukraine. I am confident that Ukraine can stand," said Mr Biden.
Ah... Mister Joe. You don't know Rasiea, you don't quaff vodka with Serioga. He would tell you that the West has been attacking Russia all along. In Moscow, as early as 1610, the Litovtsians rampaged with the Lancs, setting fire to the Gorod of Kitai. The French were also in Moscow, and the Germans started to take Moscow, but they didn't, because the Russians defended themselves all the time. They defended themselves so well that they destroyed Berlin and raped all the Froilen there. From 5 to 105 years old.
So who is this Russian to believe - Lodimir from the Kremlin or Sleepy Joe from across the Atlantic? Clearly, Putka. A bandit, but his own.
Dorin Recepan, Prime Minister of Moldova, has confirmed the words of the President of Ukraine that the Russian Federation is planning to seize Chisinau airport and launch a coup d'état. However, the Prime Minister assured that the Moldovan authorities are ready to face such challenges.
We are concerned about such movements on the periphery. Additional resources are being allocated to resume destabilising operations in other neighbouring countries, possibly to divert attention from the troubles on the front line.
Italy will provide Ukraine with a sixth package of military aid, which will include, in addition to SAMP-T air defence, Skyguard radar systems and Spike multirole missiles. The announcement was made by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. She added that Italy will also assist Ukraine in the area of mine clearance.
Tactical level
The occupying forces launched 59 attacks with rocket-propelled grenades during the past day. The criminal actions of the Russian occupiers resulted in the destruction and damage of civilian residential buildings and the death and injury of civilians.
At least six people were killed by Russian shelling in Kherson, according to the Southern Operational Command of the Ukrainian army. Russian terrorists struck residential areas, infrastructure, a kindergarten and a hospital. A local market and a public transport stop were also shelled. "Civilians in Kherson were wounded and killed right in the middle of the street, in their homes and workplaces", the report said.
There remains a high risk that the Russians will continue to carry out air and missile attacks across Ukraine.
The enemy has mobilised forces for offensive operations on the Kupyansk, Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Shakhtarsk axes.
In the temporarily occupied part of Kherson oblast, the Russian occupiers are forcibly issuing passports to the population. The Russian occupation forces, together with the police, have stepped up checks at checkpoints and are threatening to evict from the beginning of March all citizens without a Russian passport.
Over the past day, the Ukrainian air force has struck 8 times at areas of concentration of occupation personnel and military equipment and 2 strikes against anti-aircraft missile complexes. Ukrainian rocket and artillery units struck 2 areas where enemy forces were concentrated.
The situation at Bakhmut has not changed. The occupiers are massing their forces for what we believe to be another attempt to close the only remaining approach route to the north-west of the town.
From Kremina the Russians launched several attacks. The main efforts are concentrated in the direction of Jampolivka and Dibrova, the latter of which the Russians have managed to approach and clashes are taking place on the outskirts of the settlement. The Ukrainians are using HIMARS fire to destroy Russian logistic centres and other military targets in Kremina itself.
Photo: the war against the occupation.
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